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RARE Original 1950s French Billboard Advertising Poster
Artist: Eric (Eric Castel) 1915 - 1997. Title: Poulain - petit dejeuner instantané. Lithograph ca. 1958. Size: 92.1 x 124.8 in. (234 x 317 cm). Printer: Mirambeau, Paris. Condition Details: (B+/B) wf, in four sheets, each with tears, minor dirt and (tape) staining at the edges. PosterConnection Inc.
Beautiful Original 1930s Mexico Travel Poster MAGALLON
Artist: Magallon, Jose Luiz Sanz 1926 - 2000. Mexico. Technique: Offset ca. 1938. Size: 34.6 x 25.5 in. (88 x 65 cm). Printer: no information. Condition Details: (A-) tiny tears, minimal creasing and staining. Estimate: 500. Starting Bid: 300. PosterConnection Inc.
ORIG 1950s Leupin Art Swiss Design Poster Bata SANTA
Leupin, Herbert 1916 - 1999. Bata. Linol Print 1953. Size: 50.3 x 35.4 in. (128 x 90 cm). Printer: Basler Druck- und Verlagsanstalt. Condition Details: (A) printer´s crease at the lower right, needle holes in the corners. PosterConnection Inc.
Original Vintage 1950s/60s French Beer Poster Alsace
Artist: Seguin. Nain d´Alsace - Bieres Fines. Technique: Offset ca. 1959. Size: 62.5 x 46 in. (159 x 117 cm). Printer: Vasselais, Paris. Condition Details: (A) on linen, tiny edge tears. Estimate: 500. Starting Bid: 100. PosterConnection Inc.
Original 1900 Starlight Babay Soap MAITRE Poster MEUNIE
Artist: Meunier, Henri Georges Jean 1873 - 1922. Starlight (Maitre). Technique: Lithograph 1900. Size: 15.7 x 11.4 in. (40 x 29 cm). Printer: Chaix, Paris. Condition Details: (B+) margins minimally trimmed, 2 small margin tears, minor staining. Estimate: 360. Starting Bid: 100. PosterConnection Inc.
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