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RARE Original 1911 Manoli Gibson Girl Poster BERNHARD
Bernhard, Lucian (Emil Kahn) 1883 - 1972. Manoli Gibson Girl. Lithograph 1911. Size 27.1 x 37.7 in. (69 x 96 cm). Printer: Hollerbaum & Schmidt, Berlin. Condition details: (B+) on Japan, tears (up to 4 in./10 cm) and minor staining at the edges. PosterConnection Inc.
Great Original 1950s Film Noir Poster BLUE GARDENIA
Goetze, RolfGardenia (D) / The Blue Gardenia (P: USA-1953)Offset 195333 x 23.2 in. (84 x 59 cm)Printer: Lindemann & Lüdecke, BerlinDescription / Details: (A-/B+) was folded, small tears at the edges and folds, tiny paper loss at the bottom at the fold PosterConnection Inc.
Original 1930s French Opera Poster CHANSON D'AMOUR DOLA
Artist: Dola, Georges (Edmond Vernier) 1872 - 1950. Title: Chanson d´Amour. Lithograph 1936. Size: 47.2 x 31.4 in. (120 x 80 cm). Printer: At. G. Dola, Paris. Condition Details: (A-) small tears and minor staining in the margins. PosterConnection Inc.
Vintage Original 1890s/1900s Paris Beauty Powder Poster
Artist: Anonymous - France. Irisine - Poudre de Beaute. Technique: Lithograph ca. 1895. Size: 46.8 x 32.2 in. (119 x 82 cm). Printer: Charles Verneau, Paris. Condition Details: (B+) was folded, on linen, small tears and minor staining at the edges and folds. Estimate: 900. Starting Bid: 100. PosterConnection Inc.
4 Original 1890s Affiches Etrangeres Prints GERMANY + A
Artist: Various Artists. Les Affiches Etrangeres - Germany & Austria (4 Plates). Technique: Lithograph 1897. Size: 12.2 x 8.6 in. (31 x 22 cm). Printer: Chaix, Paris. Condition Details: (A-) incl. 4 different plates from Les Affiches Etrangeres, each with minor browning and/or staining in the margins. Estimate: 600. Starting Bid: 100. PosterConnection Inc.
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