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BEAUTIFUL Vintage 1920s Swiss Rail Travel Poster MOB
Artist: Anonymous - Switzerland. Montreux-Bernese Oberland - The Golden Pass Route. Technique: Lithograph 1922. Size: 38.9 x 27.1 in. (99 x 69 cm). Printer: Brugger Ltd., Meiringen. Condition Details: (A-) was folded horiz., on linen, small tears and tiny prof. repaired losses in the margins. Estimate: 1600. Starting Bid: 900. PosterConnection Inc.
Old Original 1940s French Rail Travel Poster Limousin
Artist: Signature illegible. Limousin. Technique: Lithograph 1948. Size: 39.3 x 24.4 in. (100 x 62 cm). Printer: Perceval, Paris. Condition Details: (B+) minor horiz. fold crease, small tears, needle holes and minor staining and foxing in the margins. Estimate: 350. Starting Bid: 100. PosterConnection Inc.
Set of 3 Old Original 1960s/80s Armin Hofmann Posters
Hofmann, Armin 1920 -. Armin Hofmann (3 Posters). Offset 1965 - 1981. Size: 46.4 x 33 in. (118 x 84 cm). Printer: no information. Condition Details: (A-) minor creasing and/or corner needle holes, incl. -Basel-, -MoMA- and -Deutsches Plakat Museum Essen-. PosterConnection Inc.
Old 1960s TOULOUSE-LAUTREC Ambassadeurs Poster ATHENA
Artist: Toulouse-Lautrec, Henri de 1864 - 1901. Ambassadeurs - Aristide Bruant (Late Print). Technique: Lithograph ca. 1960. Size: 35.4 x 24 in. (90 x 61 cm). Printer: Edition Athena Reproductions, London. PosterConnection Inc.
Original 1920s German Adventure Film Poster Plakat
Petau, Karl 1890 - 1974. Die Verworrene Spur (D). Lithograph approx. 1924. Size: 36.2 x 23.2 in. (92 x 59 cm). Printer: no information. Condition Details: (A-) tiny tears and minimal staining in the margins. PosterConnection Inc.
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