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Old Original 1950s German Travel Poster Touropa
Artist: Anonymous - Germany. Touropa. Technique: Offset ca. 1955. Size: 33 x 23.2 in. (84 x 59 cm). Printer: no information. Condition Details: (A-) tiny tears and minimal creasing at the edges. Estimate: 300. Starting Bid: 100. PosterConnection Inc.
HUGE Original Vintage 1930s Alva Poster CIGARETTE CLOCK
Artist: Anonymous - Germany. Alva - zu jeder Stunde. Technique: Offset ca. 1935. Size: 66.1 x 33 in. (168 x 84 cm). Printer: no information. Condition Details: (B+) in two sheets, small tears, tiny losses and minor creasing and staining at the edges. Estimate: 400. Starting Bid: 240. PosterConnection Inc.
Original American WW I Propaganda Food Poster
Artist: Anonymous - USA. Keep it Coming. Technique: Letterpress Print ca. 1918. Size: 29.1 x 21.2 in. (74 x 54 cm). Printer: W.F. Powers Litho Co., New York. Condition details: (A/A-) on linen, small edge tears. PosterConnection Inc.
Original Vintage 1970s Grand Prix USA Racing Poster TUR
Artist: Turner, Michael 1934 -. Grand Prix of the United States. Technique: Offset 1975. Size: 27.9 x 22 in. (71 x 56 cm). Printer: Sullivan Printers, Binghamton. Condition details: (A) on linen. Estimate: 300. Starting Bid: 100. PosterConnection Inc.
Old Original 1960 Greyhound Chicago Bus Travel Poster
Artist: Roth, G.. Greyhound - Chicago. Technique: Offset ca. 1960. Size: 38.1 x 27.9 in. (97 x 71 cm). Printer: Litho in USA. Condition Details: (A) on linen. Estimate: $600. Reserve / Starting Price: $390. PosterConnection Inc.
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