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Original 1930s French Liquor Poster DIEGE Henry Monnier
Artist: Monnier, Henry le 1893 - 1978. Diege - Aperitif a la Gentiane. Technique: Lithograph ca. 1935. Size: 47.2 x 30.7 in. (120 x 78 cm). Printer: Joseph-Charles, Paris. Condition Details: (A) on linen, small tears and minimal staining at the edges. Estimate: 500. Starting Bid: 100. PosterConnection Inc.
Old 1960s Sabu Elephant Boz Poster Argentine LB
Anonymous - SpainSabu de los Elefantos (E)Offset 196638.1 x 27.1 in. (97 x 69 cm)Printer: Gepsa, MadridDescription / Details: (B/B+) was folded, on linen, small retouched losses and stains at the intersecting folds and in the margins PosterConnection Inc.
Original 1950s Pan Am Hawaii Travel Poster KAUFFER
Kauffer, Edward McKnight 1890 - 1954. Pan American - Hawaii (Insert Poster). Offset 1953. Size: 16.1 x 11.8 in. (41 x 30 cm). Printer: Litho in USA. Condition Details: (B+) minor surface browning, tape stains in the corners, two tiny needle hole losses PosterConnection Inc.
CUTE Original Vintage 1930s Elephant Zoo Poster
Artist: Müller, Bruno. Besucht das Elefantenkind. Technique: Lithograph ca. 1930. Size: 35.8 x 24 in. (91 x 61 cm). Printer: no information. Condition Details: (B+/A-) on Japan, 2 restored clean tears (one of them 6 in./15 cm) at the top edge, corner needle holes and minimal staining. Estimate: $600. Reserve / Starting Price: $360. PosterConnection Inc.
Original 1970 Japan World´s Fair Expo Poster
Artist: Kamekura, Yusaku 1915 - 1997. Title: Expo ´70 - Progress and Harmony. Offset 1970. Size: 42.1 x 28.7 in. (107 x 73 cm). Printer: no information or multiple posters. Condition Details: (A-) wf horiz., small edge tears, corner needle holes. PosterConnection Inc.
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