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French 1950s American in Paris Film Poster GENE KELLY
Anonymous - FranceUn Americain a Paris (F) / An American in Paris (P: USA-1951)Offset ca. 195231.8 x 23.6 in. (81 x 60 cm)Printer: Cinemato, ParisDescription / Details: (A-) was folded, on linen, minimal tears and staining at the edges PosterConnection Inc.
Original 1940s Poster Maquette Columbia Music Records
Bockenheimer, H.. Musikhaus Columbia. Original Artwork 1941. Size: 24.8 x 18.5 in. (63 x 47 cm). Printer: no information. Condition Details: (A) minor edge staining. PosterConnection Inc.
Original Vintage 1890s JULES CHERET Ta-ra-ta-boum Print
Artist: Chéret, Jules 1836 - 1932. Ta-ra-ra-boum - Polka Americaine. Technique: Lithograph ca. 1895. Size: 13.7 x 10.6 in. (35 x 27 cm). Printer: Chaix, Paris. Condition Details: (B/B+) was folded horiz., small tears, needle holes and tiny losses at the edges, minor staining. Estimate: 250. Starting Bid: 150. PosterConnection Inc.
Old 1970 Swiss Typography Design Poster MULLER-BROCKMAN
Müller-Brockmann & Co. (Studio). Das Land des Lächelns. Silkscreen 1970. Size: 50.3 x 35.4 in. (128 x 90 cm). Printer: Bollmann-Druck, Zürich. Condition Details: (A) small edge tears. PosterConnection Inc.
FUN Original Vintage 1950s Jopa Ice Cream Clown Poster LEUPIN
Artist: Leupin, Herbert 1916 - 1999. Jopa Eiskrem. Technique: Offset ca. 1959. Size: 65.3 x 46.4 in. (166 x 118 cm). Printer: no information. Condition Details: (A-) was folded vertic., in two sheets, one small tear at the edges. Estimate: $400. Reserve / Starting Price: $240. PosterConnection Inc.
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