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Peter Pathe / Maria Hagen. 1918
Artist: WALTER SCHNACKENBERG (1880-1961) Size: 35 1/2 x 48 5/8 in./90.2 x 123.5 cm O. Consée, München Schnackenberg came from the generation of German artists who valued color and simplicity when creating a design. By placing figures in front of abstract backgrounds, he drew attention to and emphasized the product or celebrity being promoted by the poster without being overbearing. Here, the ballet duo Peter Pathe and Maria Hagen are portrayed with such elegance and grace that one knows the type of music to which they are performing without actually hearing it. The feather-light touch of their fingers, his chin almost brushing her hair as she leans forward, implies that this is that moment in the performance where their bodies echo the swell of the music before falling back into motion. A haunting and truly beautiful design. (dance, Weimar, art deco) Poster Auctions International
Les Temps Modernes. 1936
Artist: ANONYMOUS Size: 23 3/4 x 31 1/4 in./60.4 x 79.5 cm Imp. L. F. de Vos, Anvers Generally thought of as one of Chaplin's best films, Modern Times follows the story of the Little Tramp as he deals with the nearly insurmountable struggles of the Great Depression. This poster for the original Belgian release of the film focuses on two great moments in the movie - when the Tramp labors against the crushing forces of technology, and when he and his female companion walk at dawn toward an uncertain, but hopeful future. (film) Poster Auctions International
L'Eclair. 1897
Artist: EUGENE VAVASSEUR (1863-1949) Size: 33 3/4 x 48 7/8 in./85.5 x 124.2 cm Imp. Chaix, Paris “‘L’Eclair’ was an independent, politically oriented journal which devoted a lot of effort to advertising by means of posters and ... held one of the the most hotly contested competitions for the best poster of the year” (Gold, p. 68). In fact, this image won second prize in one such competition. Frequently, the publication was inclined to call upon high-tech-for-the-time themes in their advertising, as they do “this time with the young lady transcribing the telegraph news directly onto the front page of the newspaper. As she stands on the globe in the heart of France, so here the circuitry under the telegraph indicates that she’s connected everywhere” (Fit to Print, p. 77). Poster Auctions International
Fredericksberg. 1938
Artist: THOR BÖGELUND (1890-1959) Size: 24 3/8 x 33 1/2 in./62 x 85 cm Andreasen & Lachmann, Copenhagen Considered by historians to be “the pioneer of the Danish poster" (Weill, p. 272), Bögelund presents us with a graphically strong maternal scene advertising a public swimming pool. Poster Auctions International
Maggi. 1895
Artist: FIRMIN BOUISSET (1859-1925) Size: 38 1/8 x 50 in./97 x 127 cm Affiches Camis, Paris Not dissimilar to his designs for Lefèvre-Utile and Chocolat Menier, this poster also features a charming young child presenting a brand. Set against a detailed Art Nouveau backdrop, the metal sign in her hands informs the viewer that Maggi bouillon gives supreme flavor to all dishes. Poster Auctions International
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