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Cambridge. 1930
Artist: FRED TAYLOR (1875-1963) Size: 24 1/2 x 39 3/4 in./62.4 x 101 cm Vincent Brooks Day & Son, London Poster Auctions International
Frigeco. 1960
Artist: RAYMOND SAVIGNAC (1907-2002) Size: 61 7/8 x 46 in./156.6 x 117.2 cm Affiches Gaillard, Paris Combining both his ability to render objects in slick detail with his childlike sense of graphic whimsy, Savignac shows how Frigeco refrigerators are the ideal place to keep things cool. Poster Auctions International
Phébus. ca. 1899
Artist: PAL (Jean de Paléologue, 1860-1942) Size: 43 x 58 in./109.4 x 147.2 cm Imp. Paul Dupont, Paris Named after the Greek god in charge of driving the sun across the sky every day, Phébus motor vehicles operated out of Paris from 1899 through 1903. While eventually manufacturing voiturettes, it began with the much-heralded motorized tricycle shown in this poster. The figures are common characters in the commedia dell'arte, wherein Pierrot unsuccessfully seeks the affections of Columbine. Here, though, he has found a new love: Phébus. Pal created more bicycle posters during his Paris stay (1893-1900) than any other artist - all effectively charming. (bicycle, bike, clown) Poster Auctions International
Odol. ca. 1925
Artist: JEAN CARLU (1900-1997) Size: 47 1/4 x 63 in./120 x 160 cm Imp. Devambez, Paris Still manufactured today (although in a more modern format), Odol helps keep gums and teeth healthy, allowing you to avoid the sickly, rotten green fate that awaits those who do not use the product. (dental) Poster Auctions International
New York. 1984
Artist: DAVID LANCE GOINES (1945- ) Size: 16 x 23 7/8 in./40.5 x 60.8 cm Poster Auctions International
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