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Radion. 1946
Artist: ANONYMOUS Size: 35 3/8 x 50 in./89.7 x 127 cm Poster Auctions International
Jun / Les Jeunes Gens. ca. 1966
Artist: ANONYMOUS Size: 26 1/8 x 40 1/2 in./66.2 x 102.8 cm Poster Auctions International
Plages de France. 1930
Artist: MAX PONTY (1904-1972) Size: 24 3/8 x 38 3/4 in./61.8 x 98.4 cm This darling Deco design highlights three fashionable bathers dipping their feet into the water along the expansive French coastline. The poster was created in order to promote the country's many beaches, all of which are accessible via the State Railway. (travel) Poster Auctions International
Rosenberg. ca. 1954
Artist: LOUIS MITELBERG (1919- ) Size: 31 x 46 7/8 in./78.7 x 119 cm Imp. Speciale du P.C.F. Published by the French Communist Party, this intense image presents a menacing Dwight Eisenhower, his teeth made up of rows of electric chairs, against a blood-splattered background. The text notes that he "executed two innocents" by sentencing Ethel and Julius Rosenberg to death, and that their killers will be "cursed forever." Poster Auctions International
Quinquina Dubonnet. 1896
Artist: JULES CHÉRET (1836-1932) Size: 34 5/8 x 49 in./88 x 124.6 cm Imp. Chaix, Paris "In 1846 Paris wine agent Joseph Dubonnet decided to enter the business with a product of his own. With medicinal bitters just coming into vogue, he chose to base his drink on quinine, and to disguise its bitter taste, he mixed it with sweet wine from Greece. The result quickly gained wide acceptance; by the end of the century the company was producing three million bottles a year and exporting to many foreign countries. For this poster, Chéret worked with a live model – a charming soubrette named Lise Fleuron – and the Dubonnet family cat. The scene was so enchanting that the actress began to bill herself as "The Girl With The Dubonnet Cat,” and even the cat was held over by popular demand, appearing again in another poster the following year” (Gold, p. 34). (alcohol, cat) Poster Auctions International
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