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Folies-Bergère / Dorville. ca. 1930
Artist: ORSI (1889-1947) Size: 47 1/8 x 62 7/8 in./119.7 x 159.6 cm Phogor, Paris Poster Auctions International
Internationales Flugmeeting Zurich. 1927
Artist: OTTO BAUMBERGER (1889-1961) Size: 36 x 50 3/8 in./91.5 x 128 cm Gebr. Fretz, Zürich A dramatically simple design in which the stark white silhouette of an airplane cuts across a midnight blue-on-black cloudy sky, diving toward the mountainous terrain below. Without any showy frills, this rare poster promises death-defying feats and excitement for anyone who attends the 1927 International Airmeet in Zurich. Poster Auctions International
Elles. 1896
Artist: HENRI DE TOULOUSE-LAUTREC (1864-1901) Size: 19 1/8 x 24 7/8 in./48.5 x 63.2 cm The Elles collection is Lautrec’s famous brothel series, an edition of lithographs depicting prostitutes simply referred to as Elles (Them). This ambiguous title both recalls the common phrase ces dames (these ladies), and at the same time is the pronoun indicating all females. Although the women of the Elles series are prostitutes, they appear desexualized, shown in postures that emphasize the everyday and unglamorous nature of their occupation. In this instance, putting her hair back up after finishing with a client; the only indication that a man is even in the room is his top hat resting gingerly on her bed. It was the pictorial epilogue to what the artist had experienced in the maisons closes of the rue des Moulins, the rue d’Amboise, and the rue Joubert. ‘They’ are ‘women to my liking,’ as he used to say cynically, and he often lived with them for weeks at a time during the years 1892 to 1895, a constant witness of their daily lives, of their suffering and intimacy. Poster Auctions International
Crosse & Blackwell. 1980
Artist: BERNARD VILLEMOT (1911-1989) Size: 45 7/8 x 65 3/4 in./116.5 x 167 cm Imp. Bedos, Paris Villemot created two designs for this tomato sauce brand, this one being the more dramatic, offset against a stark black background. Poster Auctions International
Fête de Nöel / Société Francaise. 1896
Artist: LÉON DARDENNE (1865-1912) Size: 33 1/8 x 24 in./84.2 x 61 cm Imp. Ch. Bulens, Bruxelles Poster Auctions International
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