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Davos / Concours Hippique. 1951
Artist: ANONYMOUS Size: 25 1/4 x 39 5/8 in./64 x 100.7 cm Fratelli Fretz, Zurigo Used repeatedly throughout the 1950s, this delicately sketched composition announces a horse show in the Swiss town of Davos. This is the Italian language version of the poster. Poster Auctions International
The Amazing Wife. 1919
Artist: ANONYMOUS Size: 41 7/8 x 79 1/4 in./106.4 x 201.2 cm Morgan Litho, Cleveland Not much is known about the plot of The Amazing Wife other than it was adopted from the Nalbro Isadorah Bartley story of the same name. This is a three-sheet design. (auto, film, theater, literary) Poster Auctions International
Aux Trois Quartiers / Ombrelles. 1899
Artist: RENÉ PÉAN (1875-1940) Size: 41 7/8 x 61 7/8 in./106.2 x 157.2 cm Imp. Chaix, Paris Far more beautiful and sophisticated than Péan's other design for the company (see PAI-XXVIII, 478), this poster promotes the latest fashion, gloves, and most especially umbrellas available at the Aux Trois Quartiers department store. Poster Auctions International
Stages. 1978
Artist: MAURICE SENDAK (1928-2012) Size: 29 3/8 x 45 in./74.5 x 114.3 cm Poster Auctions International
The New Yorker. 1976
Artist: SAUL STEINBERG (1914-1999) Size: 29 x 40 in./73.5 x 101.5 cm Both the most famous poster produced for The New Yorker as well as one of the most important posters of the last 50 years, Steinberg’s take on how New Yorkers view their city as not only the epicenter of the world, but actually as most of the world, has become an icon. Poster Auctions International
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