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Excelsior Point Lake County Oregon
Offered is a large Excelsior Point found in Lake County Oregon with no specific site listed. This large point is made from a dull black piece of basalt and is 3-1/4" x 3/4" x 1/4" in size. Lake County is in the high desert region of south-central Oregon just above the California border. Paige Auction
War Bonds Poster From World War II - "Let's All Fight"
Offered is a hard-to-find War Bonds poster from World War II by an unknown artist. It emphatically suggests, "LET'S ALL FIGHT - BUY WAR BONDS." It was printed by the U.S. Government Printing Office in 1942.  PLEASE NOTE the dimensions, as it is smaller than the average War Bonds poster: it measures approximately 22" by 14"; folded, it measures approximately 11" x 7". It is in excellent condition, with just a slight fold on the upper-right edge. It will be shipped folded, as issued. Paige Auction
Nabisco Shredded Wheat Signs
Offered is a pair of cardboard store signs for Nabisco Shredded Wheat. The first sign features an image of a young boy having a bowl of Shredded Wheat and the other shows a young girl holding a box of Shredded Wheat. Both signs appear to be unused and are 14-1/4" wide x 15-1/4" tall in size. Paige Auction
Great Basin - High Desert of Oregon - Artifacts
Offered is a nice assortment of artifacts from the High Desert Region of Oregon. This lot includes several types of arrowheads, knives and even a couple of paleo crescents. The material used in these artifacts includes agate, basalt, jasper and obsidian from the region. The smaller items are approximately 1-1/4" long x 1/2" wide in size to 3-1/8" x 3/4" for the largest two pieces. The high desert of Oregon is located in the central and southeastern part of the state. Paige Auction
Hash-Brown Tobacco Tin
This is a tin litho container for Hash-Brown tri-cut tobacco from teh Falk Tobacco Company in Richmond VA.  It sill has the full 'union made' sticker on the bottom.  It is approximately 4-1/2" wide x 3-1/4" deep x 1" tall. Paige Auction
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