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YUNAK, O., and FATALCHUK, V. Bring Closer the Hour of
Samoviddanoyu robotoyu v tilu nablisimo godinu ostatochnoi peremogi nad vorogom [Bring Closer the Hour of Final Victory by Selfless Work at the Home Front], a poster by Olga Yunak (1905-1983 or 1993), and Vladimir Fatalchuk (1903-1981). Published by Iskusstvo, Kiev, 1945. 74.5 x 52.5 cm.\n\nWhether it comes to posters or book illustrations, the names of graphic artists Olga Yunak and Vladimir Fatalchuk are almost invariably mentioned together. As far as we could determine, the Yunak-Fatalchuk collaboration in the field of the poster production started during the war (and possibly earlier), and continued uninterrupted for years afterwards. We did, however, found a few references to the posters produced by Yunak and Fatalchuk on their own. Mercer and Middlesex Auctions LLC
TOIDZE, I. For the Motherland! (in Latvian), 1944
Iraklii Toidze (1902-1985). Za Rodinu - Mat' [For the Motherland!]. Latvian-language version of the 1943 poster, 40 x 39 cm.\n\nThis poster's design is quite similar to that of Toidze's best-known wartime poster, the iconic Rodina-mat' zoviot [Motherland Calls], 1941). Iraklii Toidze is best remembered these days for his wartime posters, but he worked in a variety of genres. For a while, he was considered Stalin's "court painter"; in 1947, he was awarded the Stalin's Prize for several paintings showing the Leader. Toidze was also a highly regarded book illustrator.\n\nSeach extension words: Russian poster. Mercer and Middlesex Auctions LLC
DEMENTIEV, R. To Space!, 1961 “emergency” poster
V kosmos! [To Space!], a poster by R. Dementiev, Voyenizdat, Moscow, 1961, 88 x 69 cm.\n\nThis poster was produced immediately after the Vostok-2 landing, possibly by adding the TASS communique text and Titov's portrait to a stock poster design kept for such emergencies. The formulaic inscription under the Gagarin's portrait mentions his Hero of the Soviet Union status; the inscription under Titov's portrait does not. One may argue that the poster was sent to the printer sometime between the day of Vostok-2 landing (August 6, 1961) and the day when Titov became the Hero of the Soviet Union (August 9, 1961). Actually, there is no need for such convoluted arguments - the poster imprint contains the “signed into production” date. See also lot 137.\n\nSearch extension words: Russian poster, Soviet poster, space poster. Mercer and Middlesex Auctions LLC
ANONYMOUS UZBEK ARTIST. Strengthen the Economic
Uchatiyem v zaime vtoroi pyatiletki, usilim economicheskuyu nezavisimost’ SSSR, ukrepim obotonosposbnost’ nashei strany [By Subscribing to the Second Five Years Plan Loan, We Will Strengthen the Economic Independence of the Soviet Union, and Reinforce Our Country’s Defense], a bilingual Uzbek/Russian poster by an anonymous artist. [Tashkent], 1934. 104 x 72 cm.\n\nEager to ignite the viewer’s enthusiasm, the artist advances the notion that proceeds from the Loan will be used to secure rapid advances in Soviet science and technology. Most of the futuristic projects referenced by the artist were, indeed, pursued in the 1930s , at least in the initial design, or prototype development stage. Many were subsequently abandoned, like the plans to build a huge fleet of Soviet dirigibles, or a 500-kilometer-long railway in Turkmenistan served by the superfast Waldner Aerotrain.\n\nSearch extension words: Russian poster, Soviet propaganda poster. Mercer and Middlesex Auctions LLC
1976 Chinese Poster: Dancers with Mao's Portrait
Anonymous artist, 30.2 x20.7". Anonymous artist, 30.2 x20.7". At the last minute, our poster consignor brought us a group of Chinese posters in the surprisingly nice condition. Clearly, this auction is not an ideal venue for such material; on the other hand, one cannot help but notice the similarities between the propaganda art of Stalinist Russia and that of 1970s China under Mao. Mercer and Middlesex Auctions LLC
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