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DOBROVOLSKY, [V.] Pioneers! Actively Help the
Pionery! Okazyvaite aktivnuyu pomosh v uborke urozhaya! [Pioneers! Actively Help the Harvesting Effort!], a poster by artist Dobrovolsky [Vladimir Dobrovolsky (1920 -1991), Meritorious Art Worker of the Russian Federation]. Far East Regional Branch of the Soviet Arts Fund, 1940, 31 x 43 cm.\n\nThe poster, produced in the Russian Far East, is not dated. Judging by the style, it was produced in the 1940s. Earlier dating is excluded — the Soviet Arts Fund was created in 1940.\n\nDobrovolsky's last name is shared by several Soviet poster artists. Our assumption is that this poster was produced by caricaturist Vladimir Dobrovolsky — the artist grew up and studied arts in the Soviet Far East, and during the war worked for the 1st Far Eastern Front military newspaper. Later, he moved to Moscow and worked for Krokodil, the leading satirical Soviet magazine. Mercer and Middlesex Auctions LLC
Vypolnil li ty razverstku? [Have You Met the Foods Apportionment Quota?], a poster by an anonymous artist. Published by GIZ, Kazan, 1920. 61 x38 cm.\n\nAside from the war effort, prodrazverstka appears to be the most common topic of Soviet political posters in 1920. The poster shown was attributed by one of its previous owners to Pyotr Speransky (Pyotr Sennikov, 1890-1964, People’s Artist of Tatar Autonomous Soviet Republic), but we were unable to verify this attribution independently. Speransky studied and lived in Kazan, and later became a prominent theater artist.\n\nSearch extension words: Russian poster. Mercer and Middlesex Auctions LLC
BERSIAN, I. Every Kolkhoznik Will Prosper, 1933
[We Will Make Every Bolshevik Collective Farm, and Every Collective Farmer, Prosperous], a Moldavian-language photomontage poster. Published by Moldavian State Publishing, Tiraspol, 1933. 95 x 62 cm.\n\nThis poster’s slogan paraphrases one of the main talking points of Stalin’s 1933 speech at the First All-Union Congress of Collective Farm Shock Workers. The lengthy quote below the leader’s portrait corresponds to the following speech passage: ”We have achieved a position where the majority of the collective-farm households already have a cow each. Another year or two will pass and there will not be a single collective farmer without his own cow.”\n\nSearch extension words: Russian poster, Soviet poster. Mercer and Middlesex Auctions LLC
KOZLINSKY, V. Buzotyor Is Already On the Newsstan
Bros', Gavrila, buzit'! Uzhe vyshel “Buzotyor.” [Come on Gabriel, Stop Acting Up. Buzoter Is Already on the Newsstands], a whimsical advertising poster for Buzotyor [The Troublemaker] magazine, by Vladimir Kozlinsky (1891-1967), to text by Mikhail Zoshenko. Published by Trud i Kniga Publishing, Moscow, 1925, 50 x 41 cm.\n\nBuzotyor (1924-1927) was one of the funniest, and most popular, Soviet satirical magazines. It was first published in Leningrad (1924), and later in Moscow (1925-1927). Busotyor's main literary contributor was Mikhail Zoshenko, with Vladimir Kozlinsky providing the largest share most of illustrations and caricatures. Other regular contributors included Antonovsky, Lebedev, and Radakov.\n\nWhile the poster is unsigned, we are rather certain in our attribution, since the Buzotyor Gavrila character was the creation of the Zoshenko/Kozlinsky duo.\n\nA printmaker, book and magazines illustrator, and theater artist, Vladimir Kozlinsky was also quite active in the poster production field, especially in the early post-revolutionary years. He was one of Mayakovsky's collaborators on the October 1917-1918 portfolio (later proclaimed by the poet to be “the father of all revolutionary Soviet posters”), and in 1919-1921 served as the head artist of Petrograd ROSTA Windows.\n\nSearch extension words: Russian poster, Soviet poster. Mercer and Middlesex Auctions LLC
UNIDENTIFIED ARTIST. Let the Heroic Images of Our
Pust' vdokhnovlyayet nas v etoy bor'be muzhestvenny obraz nashikh velikikh predkov! (Ker-Ogly) [Let the Heroic Images of Our Ancestors Inspire Us in This Battle! (Ker-Ogly)], a bilingual (Russian-Azeri) poster by an unidentified artist. Azernashr, Baku, 1943, 54.5 x 75.5 cm.\n\nThis poster is very similar to (modeled after?) the posters of V. Ivanov's cycle sharing the same bottom caption (see, e.g., lot 50.) Being produced in Azerbaijan, it features Ker-Ogly, the hero of an Azeri folk epic. Mercer and Middlesex Auctions LLC
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