Whyte’s, founded in 1783, are today Ireland’s premier specialist art and collectibles auction house. They hold six to eight sales per year, featuring a wide range of Irish art and collectibles, primarily from private collections and estates.

Whyte’s major art sales are conducted at the Royal Dublin Society’s Clyde Rooms, while their other sales (including History, Literature and Collectibles auctions) are held at their Molesworth St. premises and the historic Freemasons Hall. The Molesworth St. terrace that houses Whyte’s galleries is the last remaining intact terrace of Georgian shopfronts in Dublin, completed 1831.

Whyte’s combines their 200-year history of business in Dublin with an enthusiasm for modern technologies, offering both the advantages of a traditional auction house and the convenience of live web bidding.

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How the Butler Yeats family became part of the fabric of 20th century Ireland
During the 20th century, the Butler Yeats family made an incredible impact on the political, literary and art fabric of Ireland. In 1841, William Butler Yeats married Susan Pollexfen. The couple had six children William Butler Yeats; Susan Mary "Lily" Yeats; Elizabeth Corbett "Lolly" Yeats; Robert Corbet Yeats; John "Jack" Butler Yeats; and Jane Grace Yeats.
Moments that made history: The Easter Rising and The Good Friday agreement
On 21st January, Whyte's Eclectic Collector sale features historical items from two significant periods of The Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland's history.
The Society of Dublin Painters and the beginnings of Irish modernism
Born in Belfast, Paul Henry holds his place in the artistic canon as one of Ireland's most important 20th century artists. His depictions of the west of Ireland are an important part of Irish art history.
Artist Spotlight: Harry Kernoff
Harry Kernoff, was a leading figure in Irish Modernism and is best remembered for capturing the people of Dublin with a sympathetic paintbrush.
Irish art could fetch £1 million at auction this month
Works by Paul Henry, Jack B. Yeats, Gerard Dillon as well as contemporary Irish artists Barrie Cooke, Donald Teske and Tony O’Malley are expected to reach a combined total of €1.2 million (£910 000) at Whyte's this month.

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Mary Swanzy HRHA (1882-1978) TREES, FOUNTAIN, FIGURES, SOUTH OF FRANCE coloured pencil on paper with Pyms Gallery label on reverse h:7.50  w:10 in. Whyte's
Edward VII gold half sovereign, 1907
Edward VII gold half sovereign, 1907 Fine Whyte's
19th century Arab matchlock musket or Jezail
19th century Arab matchlock musket or Jezail Built around an octagonal, smoothbore barrel from a flintlock mounted to a homemade stock with five brass bands and brass wire. The stock bound with a strip of rawhide. Mounted beneath with a brass trigger mechanism devised to bring a slow match in contact with the priming pan. A frightening weapon. Total length h:58.50 in. Other Notes: Weapons and armour. MILITARIA Whyte's
Daniel O’Neill (1920-1974) COUNTRY CART
signed lower right; titled on reverse; also with typed Victor Waddington label on reverse Whyte's
1928 halfcrown to farthing proof set in card case.
1928 halfcrown to farthing proof set in card case. Housed in a Lucite case. Copper lightly toned, uncirculated. Whyte's

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