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Elmar 2.8/50mm No.1932753
Leitz Wetzlar, 1962, Krom, M-Baj, baklock. LP Foto
Leica M3 No.750435
Leitz Wetzlar, 1955, Black paint, Double stroke, not Leitz service seal. A very rare and early camera in original condition, with ASA 6-200 at the back plate, glass pressure plate, early type of mechanism, serial number engraved under the base plate, and not mathematical shutter speeds. Winding arm of later M3 type, and shaft for rewind knob in chrome. For other early black paint cameras, please see Westlicht Camera Auction 13 lot.96 M3 black paint No.779019 and Nakamura Leica Collection page 37 M3 black paint No.780127. LP Foto
Agfa ljusskylt
1950/60-tal, ca 65x88cm. Obs! Skickas ej! Måste avhämtas i butiken.//We do not ship this item, only pick-up .// LP Foto
Kilfitt-Makro-Kilar D 2,8/4 cm Nr 245-3050
Kamerabau-Anstalt-Vaduz, Liechtenstein. Krom, för M42-gänga. (1612/19) LP Foto
Agfa Karat 36
Krom, 24x36mm, med Schneider Xenon 2/50mm No.2079107 i Compur-Rapid 1-1/500sek, och en Agfa Karat (C+), Krom, 24x36mm, med Solinar 3.5/5cm, väskor. Agfa Karat defekt. Agfa Karat defective. LP Foto
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