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Carlyle Auctions is a boutique auction house specializing in fine art. Their auctions feature works by internationally renowned artists, from Renaissance Old Masters to Modern masters of the 20th and 21st centuries.

They welcome private collectors, art dealers and galleries, as well as museums and art institutions to their auctions, which are held throughout the year and always open to online bidding.

In addition, Carlyle Auctions negotiates private sales, to cater for clients who wish to buy and sell outside of the usual auction schedule, or who are looking to acquire a specific piece for their collections.

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Frank Avray Wilson British Modern painting
Artist: Frank Avray Wilson (British 1914 - 2009)\nTitle: "Miniature"\nMedium: Oil on panel\nSize: 6" x 16 1/2" panel size\nDate:\nProvenance: Redfern Gallery, London Carlyle Auctions
antique Chinese painting
Artist: ??? mystery artist\nTitle:\nMedium: mixed media on paper mounted on panel\nSize: 18" x 27 1/2 framed size\nDate: ? Carlyle Auctions
Francis Marshall " on fire"
Artist: Francis Marshall\nTitle: "I Painted for You the Sky on Fire"\nSize: 19" x 29"\nMaterial: Acrylic on wood panel\nDate: Circa 2006\n\np Carlyle Auctions
Mitsuo Yumoto Japanese Outsider art
Artist: Mitsup Yumoto\nTitle: Remains\nMedium: Mixed media collage on paper\nSize: 10" x 20" (not including frame)\nDate: 2004 Carlyle Auctions
Old Master Mythological Painting Guido Reni (attr)
Artist: Guido Reni (attributed) Title: Untitled (Sybil) Size: 25" x 19 3/8" Material: Oil on Canvas Date: 1620's circa Artist Highlights Bologna 1575-1642 p Carlyle Auctions
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