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Prominent collectors, estate executors, curators and dealers trust us to deliver appraisal and auction services of the highest quality. Our professional staff stands ready to guide clients through the entire appraisal, consignment and auction process. Clients consign their property to Eden Galleries knowing that we commit our scholarship, market knowledge and global outreach to every sale. Our international network of buyers, including sophisticated collectors, major dealers, interior designers and museum curators, know the quality of our offerings and appreciate our standard of service.

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Very Fine Qing Dynasty Qianlong DouCai reward vase with beautiful butterfly motif. Large bulbous vessel rising into a feminine neck, and flared opening. DouCai means “colors which fit together and can be seen by the harmoniously painted floral design covering outer surface. Elaborate organic patterns adorn the entire vase giving this piece a lively quality. Various butterflies are interspersed with large gourds. The butterfly is a symbol of connubial bliss, of delight and of summer. The clay is very fine, with a brilliant glaze finish that was applied by a meticulous craftsman.Mark on base, a six blue underglaze seal script -ZhuanShu- characters reign mark, QianLong Reign Period of Great Qing Dynasty.Dimensions: 12-1/2" H x 5-7/8" Diam.PROVENANCE: From Private estate collections of Mr. Jean “John†Paul Bourgoin (1921 - 2016).Born in Jouan Les Guerets, France, just west of Normandy, on September 28, 1921 to Ada and Colonel Andre Bourgoin of the French Army.The family relocated to Fez, near Casablanca, Morocco, where Ada played the violin for the silent movie industry.Jean Paul began flying at an early age and ran a flying school in Casablanca prior to World War II. Due to his father’s relationship with Brigadier General Bill Donovan he was assigned to Patton’s 7th Army as a pilot flying the P-40 and as General Patton’s interpreter as he spoke 5 languages including Arabic.He met his wife of 66 years, Jane in Toulouse, France during WWII. She was a nurse, allegedly with the French underground, and a ambulance driver. They were accomplished travelers visiting countries around the globe and living in locations in South America Chicago Ill and Boca Grande Florida.While spending time in France after the war finding colorful porcelains From China in local auctions and estate sales he began his collection. The items in this sale are a small part of his magnificent collection.The following Item(s) From the estate Mr. Jean “John†Paul Bourgoin offered at auction catalog listing From Lot-181 through Lot-198.Read more

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Two streaming, sparkling stars are linked by a trail of shimmering light, reflecting the bond between two entities. Each Star Stream is hand-formed and therefore unique.This product is made with fine lead crystal for which Steuben is known. Design by Neil Cohen, 1988Approximately 5.25" tall.LOT NOTES: Steuben was founded in 1903 by renowned English glass master Frederick Carder, who named it for the New York State county where the town of Corning is located. In 1918, Steuben (pronounced with the accent on the last syllable) became part of Corning Glass Works, now Corning Incorporated. In 1933, Steuben created a prismatic crystal formula that could capture, reflect and refract light unlike anything else in the world. Since that moment, Steuben crystal has illuminated everything it touches, casting light on the joys of everyday life. At Steuben, luxury is in the details. Flawless by design, Steuben is the epitome of the expression “crystal clearâ€. Exquisitely sculpted, delicately balanced; even the ping of Steuben stemware meeting for a toast is like no other. Refinements such as these, both great and small, bring a level of personal pleasure to life that can only be met when you are surrounded by the best. Based in New York for over a century, Steuben is crafted by accomplished artisans, polished to a brilliant gleam and inspected with an exceptional level of thought and care. At Steuben, we believe that no matter how forward our technology, the things we cherish most are those made by hand. In 1940 Steuben commissioned the landmark exhibition 27 Artists in Crystal, featuring designs by legendary artists such as Georgia O’Keefe, Henri Matisse and Salvador Dalí. A tradition began. Today, Steuben collaborates with contemporary artists to create objects that bring pleasure to living and mark the passage of time. An American classic, Steuben is the perfect accompaniment to a meaningful gathering and equally suited to an impromptu dinner party at home. With Steuben crystal, everyday moments – sharing a meal, lighting a candle, placing flowers – become occasions.Read more

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Ming Dynasty Chinese Tibetan Gilt Bronze Bodhisattva Buddha figure of standing Manjushri, of the Tsuglakang Lhasa, Tibet. Almost all belong to the group of the Eight Great Bodhisattvas. Peaceful and youthful in appearance, orange in color like the rising sun, the left hand loosely extended across the knee holds the stem of a blue utpala flower blossoming above the shoulder. The right hand with palm upfront. At the top of the head beneath a gemstone blazing with orange fire the blue hair is piled in a topknot, some falling loose across the shoulders, tied with golden flowers. Lightly adorned with gold earrings and a choker necklace, he wears a scarf and a lower garment with even-folds covering the legs. In a relaxed posture of royal ease atop a lotus blossom.Standing representations of Manjushri might also be created to accompany statues of the Buddha where a bodhisattva figure would stand on the right and left side of the central Buddha, or possibly the figure of Amitabha Buddha. The most common accompanying figures are Avalokiteshvara, Maitreya, Vajrapani and Manjushri.Manjushri as a bodhisattva, figure rather than representing a Tantric deity, is also commonly found as a member of the group of Eight Great Bodhisattvas. In early Himalayan and Tibetan art these figures were typically depicted in a standing posture. The reverse side of Buddha shows a rectangular cut-out, on waist, with a precisely fitting bronze comes with the sculpture.Dimensions: 13-1/8" HRead more

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Yellow monochrome meiping vase on stand
Chinese porcelain Meiping vase formed with globular body, wider and rounded shoulder, gently waisted toward flat base, tapered gracefully toward short neck leading to a banded rim and narrow opening. Covered over all in underglazed lemon-yellow monochrome. The yellow meiping vase elegantly displayed upon a carved hardwood stand.\nThe glaze stopping before the foot rim, revealed the pale-creme unglazed ground. The receded central under base remain white underglaze.\n\nMark on the receded central base, a six underglaze blue seal script -ZhuanShu- characters reign mark, QianLong Reign Period of Great Qing.\n\nDimensions: 10" H x 6-1/2" Dia.\nStand: 1-3/4" H \n\nPROVENANCE:\nFrom The Private Collections of Jean-Pierre Bradley. This special group of items were bought from an estate sale, the consignors were told that these items came from the first wife (pictured) of Jean-Pierre Bradley. Born in France and left in 1936 to become a long time resident from Georgia. A graduate of MIT in Electrical engineering was recruited to be involved in the initial planning of the first US ICBM. Throughout his life he had the opportunity to travel extensively . His travels led him to many foreign countries where he would buy treasures for his beloved wife. These items are believed to be a small part of the treasures he invested in. The Jean-Pierre Bradley's collections can be found from Lot-133 through Lot-174. EDEN Fine Antiques Galleries
Large yuan blue and white porcelain vase
Large Fine Chinese Yuan Blue and White Porcelain Vase. Thick and heavy potted, of Bulbous body, squared to the shoulder, with shallow neck to the wide opening. Two tiger masks flanked on the shoulder, with pierced mouth. The body decorated in cobalt blue hand painting of various flower blooms with scrolling twigs above ruyi pattern s bordered on foot, beneath soaring dragons chasing a flaming pearls on the shoulders. The neck and rim banded with geometrical patterns. The underside left un glazed with orange-brownish firing spots with edge-cut foot rim.\n\nDimension: 14-3/4" H x 14" Diam.\n\nThe Sale Will Benefit IFGF Church of Atlanta EDEN Fine Antiques Galleries
French style buffet
Height 90 in; width 54.5 in; depth 20.75 in EDEN Fine Antiques Galleries
Set of 3 pcs fu lu shou plate in protective box
Gorgeous Set of Three Porcelain Plates, with Tiered hardwood carrying case. Shallow curvature flaring upward to form the rim, with a slightly raised footing. The Outer surface is glazed is a deep red pigment. Pure white underglaze covers the inner face which is painted on top with intricate details. Red Fu-bats circumscribe the inner rim, with a consortium of floral blooms patterned to create various Chinese symbols, the Fu, Lu, and Shou. The clay is very fine, with a vivid glaze finish that was applied by a meticulous craftsman.\n\nMark on base, six underglaze blue script -KaiShu- characters enclosed within double fine rings, Made in The Years of YongZheng Reign Period of Great Qing.\n\nDimensions: Box: 10-3/4" H x 10-5/8" W Bowl: 1-1/2" H x 6-7/8" Dia. (each)\n\nPROVENANCE: From private collection of Joseph (Joe) M. Adam, 1931-2017, Myrtle Beach with his loving wife Adelia.\n\nAfter graduating from High School in New Jersey, he served in the US Army as part of the occupation forces in Germany at the end of WWII. With the help of the G.I. Bill, he graduated from Trenton State Teacher's College, then attended Michigan State College where he received his engineering degree he met also his wife Adelia, they returned to her hometown of Karlsruhe Germany. While working in the Aerospace industry his team developed and worked on numerous rocket propulsion systems as well as hypersonic aircraft.\nIn their leisure time they enjoyed visiting nearby countries. Where they found an admiration for some of the amazing antiques they came across. Often time they would purchase items and research the historical value during the week. While they were able to find many European antiques the ones they found most intriguing where those of Chinese origin. As their collection grew they gained significant insight on the true value of each piece.\nAfter three decades living abroad they were transferred back to the states where they found a home that would hold their abundant collection in South Carolina.\nWe are honored to have been chosen to represent the estate of Joseph (Joe) Adam with the fine antiques that they accumulated. A portion of the funds will be designated to a charity in their name.\n\nSame provenance private collection of Joseph M. Adam & Adelia offered at auction catalog listing from Lot-201 through Lot-221. EDEN Fine Antiques Galleries
Welsh stepback china hutch
Welsh Stepback China Hutch\n\nCabinetfeatures scallopped fronts. Inlay wood in checkerboard and compass rose patterns. Banded inlay copmpletes and adds to the beauty. Solid wood doors with original pulls and hingeshave pegged construction.\n\nDimension: 100" H x 64 1/2" W x 21" D.\n\nThe Sale Will Benefit IFGF Church of Atlanta EDEN Fine Antiques Galleries

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