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Dante Marioni (b.1964) Red and Black Trio
Dante Marioni (b.1964)\nRed and black trio sculpture\nBlown glass\nSigned and dated 1999 on bottom\n39 1/2", 17 3/4", and 38" tall\n\nVery good condition, no noticeable defects\nAll items are sold as is. Our condition reports are a courtesy to the bidders. We also recommend that bidders inspect condition in person or send an agent to inspect condition.\n\nProvenance: Collection of Michael and Lynda Adelson. Cambria, CA\n\nDante Marioni was born on March 3, 1964, into a supportive network of renowned artists. Dante’s father, American glass art pioneer Paul Marioni, along with his close friends Dick Marquis, Fritz Dreisbach and Marvin Lipofsky (just to name a few) would each play roles in introducing young Dante to his passion for glass art. Uncles Joseph Marioni and Tom Marioni, also career artists, would further influence the child’s sense of normalcy in constant practice of fine art. For this young boy, comparing techniques and critiquing composition was just part of standard dinner conversation. Dante admits his fate was sealed at a young age, and feels exceptionally lucky to have been immersed from birth in such a vivacious and encouraging artistic environment.\n\nAt age 15, Dante moved with his family from Mill Valley, California, to Seattle, Washington. With new space available and opportunity offered, it was at this time that Dante first gave glassblowing a real try. His family members and family friends eagerly guided Dante through the learning process, and took time to educate him in all the traditional methods of glass blowing. This was in 1979, and only about 3 glass art studios existed in Seattle (compared to hundreds today), but they would quickly become second homes to this fortunate young artist. With such an advantageous position, Dante was thrilled to recruit a few of his high school friends to fall in love with glass art as well. He would work side by side after school with buddies Preston Singletary, Paul Cunningham, and Joey DeCamp.\n\nDante’s first job was working for The Glass Eye studio, from which he earned a scholarship in 1985. In the summers he practiced at the Pilchuck Glass School in Stanwood, WA, where his father was an instructor. By age 19, he was gaining recognition for his own unique style, which was considered expertly classical, especially for an American artist. While contemporaries and predecessors alike focused on looser forms and variations on the traditions of glass, Dante’s work seems to hold reverence for conventions of the art. His cups, vases, and pitchers tend to exhibit easily recognizable Greek and Italian traits, though they are not lacking in whimsey and ingenuity- often exaggerating elements which are most recognizable, and enjoying some freedom in colors. In his twenties Dante began working closely with many artists he greatly admired, such as Dick Marquis, Benjamin Moore and Lino Tagliapietra (whom he would later name his son after).\n\nDante’s first solo show in 1987 brought him swiftly into the public’s warm glow of appreciation. He was soon invited to show and teach across the globe: New Zealand, Japan, Sweden, Australia, and across America. His accomplishments include awards such as “Outstanding Achievement in Glass” from the UrbanGlass Award (Brooklyn, 1997), “Young Americans” from the American Craft Museum (New York, 1988), and the Louis Comfort Tiffany Foundation Award (1987).\n\nSome Known Works:\nTwo Cased Glass Vessels, 1997\nWolves in the Forest, 2011 (collaboration with Preston Singletary)\nReticello Vessels\nBlue and Green Vases, 1964 Concierge Estate Sale Services LLC
Isidro Ancheta (1882-1946) Girls on the Road to Market
ISIDRO ANCHETA (FILIPINO 1882-1946)\n”GIRLS ON THE ROAD TO MARKET”\nOIL ON CANVAS ON BOARD\nSIGNED, circa 1935’s\n14.75” X 7.5”\n15.75” X 8.5” WITH FRAME\n\nGood condition\n\nProvenance: Private Collection, United States Concierge Estate Sale Services LLC
Naoko Takenouchi Yellow Ammonite vessel
Naoko Takenouchi\nYellow Ammonite vessel\nBlown Glass\nSigned and dated 1998 on bottom\n10” x 7” (10.5” rod)\n\nGood condition, no noticeable damage\n\nProvenance: Collection of Michael and Lynda Adelson, Cambria, CA Concierge Estate Sale Services LLC
Philippine Santos
PHILIPPINE SANTOS\n19TH CENTURY OR EARLIER\nVARIOUS SIZES\n11.25-10.25” X 4.5-2.75”\n\nProvenance: Anthony "Tony" Stoner Collection and by descent through family\n\nGood Condition Concierge Estate Sale Services LLC
Zellique Studio J.M. Yellow-Gold Bottle
Zellique Studio J.M.\nYellow-Gold Bottle\nBlown Glass\nSigned on bottom, date unknown\n8.5” x 2.75”\n\nGood condition, no noticeable damage\n\nProvenance: Collection of Michael and Lynda Adelson, Cambria, CA Concierge Estate Sale Services LLC
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