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Watermark one
Title: watermark one\nDescription: Sean Parrott, (American), 2008. Inkjet print and watercolor on paper. Framed on black paper under plexiglass. 7 1/4"x9 1/2", but as per artist's comments can be hung in any direction. Signed on front original.\nArtist Info: Sean Parrott graduated with a BFA from the University of Tennessee in 1993 and subsequently traveled across the country from coast to coast. He eventually ended up in New York City where he has been perfecting his craft – a blending of the traditional Abstract Expressionism style with more Post-modern approaches. His mixed media paintings fuse an intense love of color with digital collage. True to the materials, each color, shape or line has its own identity and its own inner beauty. By joining them together, he creates a calmness in the chaos that forces the viewer to discover the coherence, to wonder and to stare. Artists in Auction
Boat at Sea
Title: Boat at Sea\nDescription: Darrell Jones, (American) 2007. Acrylic on wood. 39"x19.5", signed.\nArtist Info: Darrell Jones, American artist, born 1973. Raised in a Memphis, Tennessee family of eight, Jones studied art from an early age. His style combines the storyboard camera angles and sketches of animation with the vibrant colors and abstract shapes of painting. Jones successfully fuses playful scenes with creative angles and colors to fully draw the viewer into each and every piece. Darrell Jones currently lives and works in Forest Park, Georgia. Artists in Auction
At Work
Title: At Work\nDescription: Hena Tayeb, photographer, 2007. 8"x12" digital photograph. Measures 13"x17" with black frame and white mat. See Item #55 for an example of mat and frame.\nArtist Info: Hena Tayeb was born in Chicago, but lived in her native Pakistan for many years. Her formal education was at the Indus Valley School of Arts, in Karachi, where she received a Bachelor of Arts. Tayeb's specialty is in abstracts and macro photos taken both in natural and urban environments. She has a keen eye for illusion and has developed a distinct ability to take ordinary objects and transform them into the extraordinary. An example of her unique creativity can be seen in her photographs of hands, all of which speak volumes of the person as a whole. Tayeb currently lives in New Jersey. Artists in Auction
Graphic Figure 1
Title: Graphic Figure 1\nDescription: Robin Antar, 1992. Limestone, wonderstone and acrylic sculpture. Measures 7"x13"x13". Base and pedestal included. Pedestal is 43" high and has a custom built, sand filled, rotating base. Original, signed by artist.\nArtist Info: Robin Antar's passion as a sculptor can be described as "realism in stone." All her work involves a technique that captures common, everyday items, first replicated on a real life-scale in stone with meticulous detail, then customized by incorporating accompanying parts with stains, paints, plastics and gold leaf. Works have been exhibited in many shows and galleries, including Sotheby's, the National Art Club, Nabisco gallery, the City Museum of St. Louis, and the Provincetown Art Museum, among many others. She also does commission work - Dr. Marten Boots, Skechers Boots, and Chateau Haut-Brion wines, to name a few clients. She has been awarded the Allied Artists of America (gold medal of honor) and Match Up (first prize) in sculpture. Antar currently live and works in New York. Artists in Auction
Title: Cake\nDescription: Amy O. Woodbury, 2009. Original, signed acrylic painting on gallery wrap canvas (sides are painted). As per artist's instructions, may be displayed vertically or horizontally. Abstract style, measures 12"x36" as shown, horizontally .\nArtist Info: Prior to creating paintings, Amy O. Woodbury was a dancer. For 22 years she performed and choreographed professionally. Her dance experience is an evident influence on her work today. All her paintings are textured and kinetic. Like dance, she utilizes improvisation in the initial approach and development of each canvas. She then draws on her bold sense of color and shape to craft paintings rich with motion and humanity. More than 200 of her works are in private and corporate collections, including the Evanston Public Library. Amy lives and works in Chicago. Artists in Auction
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