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Title: Mimosa\nDescription: Amy Marx, 1985. Graphite on paper. 8"x9 1/2". Signed, unframed. Mimosa tree, Columbia University, NYC.\nArtist Info: Amy Marx' representational style conveys powerful realist images that communicate directly with the viewer. Her paintings of storms and tornadoes have received extensive media coverage, and she has exhibited in galleries across the country. Marx studied art at Antioch College in Ohio, and currently lives in the Washington, D.C. area. Artists in Auction
Title: Ascension\nDescription: Mary Sonya Conti, 2008. Mixed media/acrylic inks, watercolor gouache on hot press paper/mounted to masonite. Seascape. 17"x23", signed. High gloss acrylic finish. With gold leaf frame measures 22.5"x28.5".\nArtist Info: Mary Sonya Conti's work reflects the emotional art of living - air, water, sunshine and earth. She has developed her own painterly expression which is mainly water based, while her mixed media and collage work utilize natural and organic materials pressed, dried and removed from acrylic inks. She teaches workshops in mixed media techniques, and has studied under Don Andrews, Trish Mckinney and Stephen Blackburn. Sonya lives and works in Ohio. Artists in Auction
Title: Mirrored\nDescription: Hena Tayeb, photographer, 2007. 12"x16" architectural photograph. Measures 17"x21" with mocha frame and white mat.\nArtist Info: Hena Tayeb was born in Chicago, but lived in her native Pakistan for many years. Her formal education was at the Indus Valley School of Arts, in Karachi, where she received a Bachelor of Arts. Tayeb's specialty is in abstracts and macro photos taken both in natural and urban environments. She has a keen eye for illusion and has developed a distinct ability to take ordinary objects and transform them into the extraordinary. An example of her unique creativity can be seen in her photographs of hands, all of which speak volumes of the person as a whole. Tayeb currently lives in New Jersey. Artists in Auction
Title: Ribbon\nDescription: Roshan Houshmand, 2005. Oil on canvas, black frame. Original, signed on back by artist. Measures 12"x9".\nArtist Info: Iranian/American artist, Roshan Houshmand was born in 1961. Travel is essential to her landscape paintings, allowing her her to absorb different colors and visions and to discover different techniques. Houshmand received an MA and MFA from Rosary College of Illinois Graduate Program in Florence, Italy. Travel is essential to Roshan's landscape paintings, allowing her her to absorb different colors and visions and to discover different techniques. For more than two decades, Houshmand's work has been exhibited in galleries in Europe and the US and is displayed in private collections in Denmark, Spain, Belgium, Costa Rica, England, Germany, Cyprus, Italy and the US. She currently is an adjunct professor at SUNY Delhi and lives in Andes, New York. Artists in Auction
Runs Through It
Title: Runs Through It\nDescription: Clairan Ferrono, 2007. Fiber Art. Measures 21"x27".\nArtist Info: Clairan Ferrono was born and raised in New York. She was educated at Syracuse University, Oxford, and the University of Chicago. Clairan creates fiber collages and drawings by piecing, fusing, stitching and quilting both commercial cloth and fabric she has dyed, painted, discharged or printed by hand. For the past eight years her work has been extensively shown locally and throughout the Midwest, and, more recently, has received both national and international recognition. Clairan Ferrono is now a full time studio artist living in Chicago. Artists in Auction
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