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Letter signed by Rabbi Dovid of Tolna, 1868

Letter from Adomr Dovid of Tolna, son of Rabbi Mordechai of Chernobyl, founder of the Tolna dynasty and author of Birchat Dovid. Specifications: [2] pages, paper, 26x21 cm. Signed by the Admor of Tolna: דוד בהרב המפורסם ב"ה מרדכי זללה"ה. Unique features: Lengthy letter written in 1868 relating to a family matter. It expresses the Admor's dedication and worry for every one of his chassidim. The Admor of Tolna mentions that he received a letter regarding his relative, the Admor of Sadigur [Rabbi Avraham Yaakov of Sadigur was also involved in the matter. Rabbi Dovid of Tolna's letter to the Admor of Sadigur on this matter is printed in Iggrot HaRH"K Mei'Ruzhin U'Banav, section two, letter 134]. Background: Rabbi Dovid of Tolna was born in 1808. His father was Rabbi Mordechai of Chernobyl, and he was named for his maternal grandfather, Rabbi Dovid Laikes, a disciple of the Besh"t. He married the daughter of Admor Yisrael Zev of Charni-Ostrog, son of Rabbi Zusha of Anipoli. After his father's death, he settled in Wasilkow, and later established his court in Tolna. Thousands of chassidim were drawn to him, and, in his merit, the city became one of the largest chassidic centers in the Ukraine. He often travelled to outlying cities and villages to spiritually strengthen the Jews in the area. He was famous for exorcising dybbukim and distributing amulets. He passed away in Tolna on the 6th of Iyar, 1882. His three works were printed during his lifetime: Birchat Dovid (Zhitomir, 1872); Magen Dovid (Zhitomir 1852); and Kehilat Dovid (Lublin, 1882). Additional excerpts of his Torah, sayings and anecdotes were printed under the title Knesset Dovid (Jerusaem 2005). Rabbi Dovid of Tolna was known to have "ruach hakodesh" and he was a famed wonder worker. Rabbi Yeshaya Wolf Zikernick, chassid of Skver, wrote in his Sipurim U'Ma'amarim Yekarim: "It is known that Rabbi Dovid of Tolna ztz"l was a wonder maker, a miracle-worker. Many sick people came to him from the four corners of the world and were cured by his prayers and the amulets and segulot that he distributed. It is impossible to record all these stories and anecdotes." Rabbi Mordechai Dovid of Hornsteipel wrote in his eulogy (printed in his Emek HaChachma) "The great eagle, my zikni dodi Rabbi Dovid of Tolna ztz"l, many followed the light of his sanctity. His prayers made an impact in the heavens and did wonders in the world." Condition: Very fine. Fold marks, small tears and creases at the edges of the leaf.Read more

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