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Cased, C1840- 1850 Pair Of French Gentleman’s Percussion .650” Carbine Calibre Duelling Pistols With Rifled Barrels By Berthon Perrin Aix (Province) With Accessories This is a superb matching pair of French Gentleman’s percussion duelling pistols made C1840-1850. The pistols are in excellent undamaged condition with 8 ¼” octagonal steel barrels, beautiful walnut stocks with chequered panel grips and horn fore end blocks, flat metal butt caps with foliate decoration, engraved foliate design trigger guards with extended tangs and finials, side plates & heavy dolphin hammers. Their triggers are adjustable for ‘hair’ trigger setting. The side plates of each pistol are nicely engraved by the manufacturer ‘Berthon Perrin Aix (Aix-En Province France)’. The pistols are numbered ‘1’ and ‘2’ respectively on top of their barrels which have silver bands at the breech. The top of each barrel also have unreadable faint lettering. Both pistols are complete with their original wood ramrods with horn end caps and steel worms, block & blade fore sights & block with ‘v’ notch rear sights. Both pistols are .650" carbine calibre with clean bores and crisp deep rifling. Their firing actions work perfectly as they should. The pistols are complete with their original walnut case. The case with hinged lid measures 18 x 10 1/2 x 3 inches. The centre of the exterior of the lid is inlaid with a hinged brass carry handle. The front of the case has its original brass lock complete with key (the key turns firmly in the lock mechanism but it does not lock). The padded interior of the case with compartments is contoured to snugly fit the pistols and their accessories which include a copper and polished horn powder flask, steel cleaning rods, brass and copper wire brush, a wood handled screwdriver / adjustment tool, a brass and wood graduated measuring tool, a steel bullet mould, a wooden mallet, a small wooden keg with screw top lid and 4 moulded lead balls. The interior of the case also incorporates a fixed small brass oil container with screw top lid and oil applicator. UK delivery. NB as antique percussion weapons no licence is required to own these pistols in the UK if retained as part of a collection or display.  UK delivery only.  Read more

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OFFICER’S QUALITY, 1874 Enfield Tower Snider .577 Calibre Cavalry Carbine By V&R Blakemore Birmingham & London With Nipple Protector & Chain & Mint Rifled Bore This is an original Officer's Quality British Military .577 Snider Patent Cavalry Carbine. The Snider action was introduced to British service in 1866. They remained in use until the Martini Henry was introduced. In that era many Tower made military weapons were bought by the British gun trade where they were re-fitted with refinements and sold as quality private purchase weapons for Officers. This Enfield Tower cavalry carbine has a 19 ¼” round browned steel barrel with a pristine bore and crisp rifling. It has a brass butt plate with hinged trap, brass trigger guard with extended tang and brass chain with nipple protector. The woodwork is excellent & undamaged. The action and side plate are also browned steel. The side plate is crisply marked with the Queen Victoria Crown, dated 1874 and has the Enfield ‘Tower’ mark. It also has the name of the gunsmiths who carried out the refinements including addition of butt trap & browned metal work ‘V&R Blakemore Birmingham & London’. The breech and barrel have proof / inspection marks together with number ‘V292’. The action is strong and works as it should. It has a fixed foresight and adjustable ladder rear sight. UK delivery included. NB As an obsolete calibre weapon no licence is required to own this weapon in the UK if retained as a part of a collection or display. UK delivery only  Read more

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EXTREMELY RARE WW1, 1915 Austrian Capture, Italian Mannlicher Carcano M1891 Terni Arsenal, 6.5mm Calibre Rifle With Leather Sling, Carcano Rifle Knife Bayonet, Scabbard & Leather Frog The Carcano M1891 rifle gave excellent service throughout the First Word War where Italy participated on the Allied side, fighting mainly against Austria. The M1891 rifle was manufactured at Italian Arsenals including Terni in 1915. This is an excellent original example of the M1891 captured by the Austrian Army during WW1. Its wood stock & metalwork are very good and all original. It is equipped with sling swivels, bayonet lug, adjustable rear sight, fixed block & blade foresight and steel butt plate. The breech is stamped Terni (Arsenal) and has additional Austrian Arsenal marks indicating that this is a WW1 captured weapon. It strips, cocks & dry fires as it should. The rifle is fitted with an original leather sling and is accompanied by an original carcano knife bayonet which fits the rifle correctly. The bayonet's slab wood grips are undamaged and it has a steel cross guard with muzzle ring. The 11 1/2" fullered single edged blade is clean and undamaged. The bayonet has its original leather scabbard with brass mounts. The scabbard is fitted with an original leather frog with single belt loop. All leather and stitching of the scabbard and frog are intact. A rare, WW1 captured weapon includes deactivation certificate & UK delivery. UK delivery only.  Read more

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