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ANCIENT 1644-1704 Japanese Wakazashi...

ANCIENT 1644-1704 Japanese Wakazashi Blade, Osaka-Tanba Lineage Of The Tamba No Kami Yohi Michi Family Of Sword Smiths With Japanese Maple Blade Protector Scabbard & Hilt And Expert Assessment .   This ancient Japanese sword blade is in excellent condition. The blade which has a cutting edge of 21 _', was assessed by a UK based Japanese sword expert Bill Tagg. His assessment accompanies this piece. In the assessment he details how the Tamba No Kami Yohi Michi Family Of Sword Smiths worked for 3 generations between 1644-1704. The family were allowed to stamp the tangs of their blades with the Imperial Chrysanthemum mon. The family were divided into 2 branches, the other being the Osaka Tanba line.   The Osaka -Tanba were not allowed to mark their blades with the Imperial mon. The family was from the Mishina school and moved to Kyoto in 1593. In the description he states ïI think this (blade) is Osaka-Tanba' and describes the blade as having a subdued Sudareba (Bamboo curtain) hamon. His description also includes an image and translation of the tang signature which is without mon. To protect the blade it is fitted with a Japanese Maple wood hilt and scabbard in superb condition.   The piece comes with its cloth cover with draw cord.   The sale of this ancient piece with expert assessment includes UK delivery.Read more

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