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Pre-columbian Mexican Pottery Head Fragments
Pre-columbian group of 10 pottery heads from Mexico, ca. 300 B.C.-900 A.D. Various cultures and a very nice group. Minerva Gallery
Pre-columbian Tairona Necklace
Pre-columbian Tairona Necklace from Colombia, ca. 500-1000 A.D. Composed of a single strand of 6 barrell multi color jasper beads(.75"-1.25") and 85 flat disk multi stone spacers. Small modern barrell clasp. Minerva Gallery
Pre-columbian Nayarit Incised Bowl
Pre-columbian Nayarit bowl from West Mexico, ca. 100 B.C.-250 A.D. Nicely incised with cross hatched and linear patterns. Measurements: 3-3/16" in height x 5-13/16" in Diameter. Minerva Gallery
Massive Pre-columbian Maya Bowl
An absolutely Massive bowl from the southern lowlands region of Guatemala, ca. 400-600 A.D. Interior is painted with a cream ground, the center area worn from use and exposing the black pottery below, while the exterior has a red painted rim with a series of 11 red painted triangles and in between these are 11 cream painted pyramids, each with a series of horizontal lines.This wonderful offering vessel would have been an important example reserved only for royalty. Minerva Gallery
Ancient Roman Bronze Valentinian I
Ancient Roman Bronze Valentinian I, ca. 364-375 A.D. Obverse: D N VALENTINI-ANVS P F AVG, diademed draped & cuirassed bust right. Reverse: SECVRITAS REIPVBLICAE, Victory advancing left, holding wreath & palm. Siscia mint. Minerva Gallery
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