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Pre-columbian Colima Mask
Pre-columbian Colima Mask from West Mexico, ca. 150 B.C.-250 A.D. Brownware pottery depiction of a human face having a prominent nose and tab-like ears perforated for decoration. Indented brow line, concave eyes and mouth. Minerva Gallery
Pre-columbian Tairona Necklace
Pre-columbian Tairona Necklace from Colombia, ca. 500-1000 A.D. Composed of three strands with white round disk shaped shell beads and orange disk shaped spondylus beads. Modern Barrell clasp. Minerva Gallery
Antique African Passport Wooden Mask
Antique African Passport Wooden Mask, CA. 1910-1940's. These masks are miniature versions of the larger ceremonial masks. Minerva Gallery
Pre-columbian Nicaragua stone figure
Pre-columbian Volcanic Stone Figure from Nicaragua, ca. 1000-1400 A.D. Minerva Gallery
Rare Ancient Egyptian gilded Scarab and Wing Set
Rare Ancient Egyptian gilded Scarab and Wing set in gilded material, ca. Late Dynastic Period 664B-32 B.C. An exquisite rare form of ancient Egyptian burial scarab and wing set in gilded material. This scarab served as a funerary amulet and was originally attached to the mummy bandages along with its the wings and the amulets of the four sons of Horus essential personifications of the canopic jars. Minerva Gallery
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