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Ancient Greek Canosan Trefoil Oinochoe
Ancient Greek Canosan Trefoil Oinochoe, ca Early 3rd Century B.C. The ovoid vessel on a short, stepped foot, with a long waisted cylindrical neck, rimmedtrefoil mouth and high arching handle, white slipped and decorated in red and yellow, with a band of laurel on thebody, a broad band of yellow wth a red net pattern above, a band of key on the shoulders, a band of yellow above, vertical lines on the neck and short lines below the rim. Minerva Gallery
Large Pre-columbian Chimu Bottle
An unusually large Chimu bottle from Peru, ca. 1100 - 1450 AD. Depicts a trio of playful foxes on each side. In each group a pair is portrayed with tumi ornaments above their heads, in apparent pursuit of the lead animal. Large adornos protrude at the base of the stirrup spout. In excellent condition, with strong mineral deposits. Minerva Gallery
Pre-columbian Moche Portrait Head Vessel
Pre-columbian Moche Portrait Head Vessel from Peru, ca. 200-500 A.D. A nicely painted bottle of a Coca chewer identified by the small bulge in hiS left cheek. A small but nice example! Minerva Gallery
Pre-columbian Ecuadorian Paruha Stone Group
Pre-columbian Inca Stone group from Ecuador, ca. 1300-1500 A.D. Various small figures and celts. 1.625" - 3.25" L Minerva Gallery
Pre-columbian Jamacoaque Necklace
Pre-columbian Jamacoaque Necklace from Ecuador, ca. 500-1000 A.D. A single strand of various shaped buff color clay beads with ample dendrites through out. No clasp. Minerva Gallery
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