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Punu Tribe African Dance mask, African Art
Highly stylized carved wooden face mask with wonderful facial expression and painted with a heavy layer of kaolin clay pigment. Punu peoples, gabon, Africa. Tribal Gatherings
A rare old mask from the Ituri Pygmies of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ituri region, ca. early 20th century. An aggressive animal-like form with incised designs and mineral pigment spots. The mouth and eyes are carved open, the nose is an elongated slender ridge, and the face exhibits remains of painted details. On top there is an indented ridge where it appears feathers likely decorated the mask, and on the interior, old metal staples remain showing how it was once attached to a costume of some type.The mask itself measures 11 x 7 inches. A metal base can be included for an additional $34.00 Tribal Gatherings
Collection of Five Shaman rattles from the Amazon Jungle tribes
Lot of five collectible shaman rattles from the Amazon Jungle, South America Tribal Gatherings
Rare Tar stringed instrument from Iran with custom hard case
The tar is another important long neck lute from Iran. A similar shaped and named instrument is used in the Caucasus states (see under Azerbaijan). This instrument ["tar " = "string"] appeared in its present form in the middle of the eighteenth century. The body of a tar is a double-bowl (figure-of-eight) shape, carved from one piece of mulberry wood (some from a bookmatched pair of wood pieces). Seen from the side the body is slanting towards the end. The front is a thin membrane of stretched bladder. The neck is glued to the body and a separate quite large, square pegbox. The 6 friction pegs (with big round knobs) are in three on both sides of the open pegbox. The frets are tied-on nylon or gut, with some in 1/4 note intervals. Tribal Gatherings
a Very fine old Ashanti Colon sculpture, African Art
Very Fine Old Ashanti Colonial Era carving, Ghana, Africa. Carved wood with undeniable patina from handling over generations. Please note the wonderfully abstract elongated form and treatment to the arms. Tribal Gatherings
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