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Classic Adouma African mask , African Tribal Art
Carved wooden Dance mask with alternating Red and white organic pigments and an overall fantastic archaic style. Display stands are NOT included with your purchase unless noted in the description. Display stands can be purchased seperately for each mask at Tribal Gatherings
Antique Shadow Puppet of a Tiger , Wayang Kulit from Java
This is a very old and well used Wayang Kulit or shadow puppet from Java, Indonesia. This Red Tiger was hand crafted from Buffalo hide and hand painted. The handle is old and loose and could be re-tied. Tribal Gatherings
Incredibly rare Authentic and Important Chancay Mummy Mask 1000 AD
Ancient Wooden mask from the Chancay Culture of the central Coast of Peru, ca. 1000 AD carved wooden mask painted with a rare red cinnabar laquer, Ancient deposits of textile and feathers are evident. The eyes are made from ground shell and the pupils are from a organic resin. This is possibly one of the best preserved examples of this type of mask because of this resin. The mask headdress is made from several layers of ancient textiles, the outer most textile depicts birds in flight in a dazzling geometric style, similar to what one would see in an Escher drawing. On custom display stand. Tribal Gatherings
Bold and powerful carved wooden ancestor idol from the Mitsogo peoples, Gabon, Africa. Carved from a single piece of heavy dense wood, this older example features a wonderfully stylized face and form. Such figures were likely used as markers for ceremonial and ritual areas, letting the public know they were entering Sacred grounds. This post has a heavily eroded base, some geometric designs and a well carved male ancestor figure with tall conical cap or headdress.The sculpture measures 42 inches tall Tribal Gatherings
Sweet and Serene older Adouma African mask
Carved wooden face mask with revered design accented with orange and white kaolin clay pigment. Aduma (adouma) peoples, Gabon, Africa. Showing some wear and patina. Tribal Gatherings
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