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Rare Mangbetu Lidded pot , Janus lid, Snake handles, African Terracotta Pot
rare and Unusual Old Pot from the Mangbetu peoples of the Congo, Africa. Lidded Pot with Janus ancestor heads and wonderful snake like handles and other incised designs. Tribal Gatherings
A Fine Zaramo processional Staff with female image.
Zaramo peoples ritual staff , Tanzania, Africa. Tall carved wooden staff with female image on top likely related to the Mwana Hiti cult. The Mwana Hiti (wooden child) first appears during a young Zaramo woman's initiation seclusion. The novice treats the doll as she would her own child, and as part of the coming-out celebration, she and the doll dance together. If the woman does not bear children, she again adopts the doll as her child. So important is the Mwana Hiti that the doll shape appears on ritual objects, staff finials, and grave posts. Tribal Gatherings
Very rare Amazon Indian MEHINAKU YEPITXUMA MASK, Brazil
Very rare Gourd and plant fiber mask from the Amazon Jungle and the Natives of the Xinghu river region. Tribal Gatherings
Abstract African mask with Long face, Fang Ngil African mask
Carved wooden Face mask with elongated and exaggerated form, from the Fang peoples of Gabon, Africa. Carved woode with kaolin painted surface. Tribal Gatherings
Lot of two Older African Harps from Ethiopia and kenya
The first harp is a Lyre from Ethiopia and has a wonderful stylized form and carved details, and the 2nd is from Ethiopia, Both show some age and wear, but intact and playable instruments. Tribal Gatherings
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