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Book Zivchei Tzedek Part a,Baghdad 1904
Book Zivchei Tzedek Part a printer Shlomo Bachur Hutsin . Baghdad 1904. Moreshet Auctions
2 miniature items.
1. Sefer Torah for children, printed on paper, 1950s, with a cloth cover. Size of the page is 3.5cm. The ?wood,? (actually plastic) is 6cm. Good condition. Nice item. 2. Book of Psalms, published by Sinai Tel Aviv (1962), 255 pages. Size 6.5cm, with illustrations. Good condition. Moreshet Auctions
A letter signed by the Rebbe's its holy hand, Rabbi Menachem Mendel
Letter with words of encouragement month of Elul and a happy new year greeting hand signed by the Rebbe's its holy Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, the Lubavitcher. "After all, we are during the month of mercy and desire. Which as the Alter Rebbe. Author of the Tanya and Shulchan Aruch. While it is .. "A tear in the upper part of the letter. Moreshet Auctions
Printed on canvas glued to wood ?Jew with Tallis?. Signed.
Printed on canvas glued to wood ?Jew with Tallis?. Signed.Framed. Artist not identified. (Yehuda?). Signed. 46/63cm Moreshet Auctions
?The Tribe of Judah? Amsterdam 1709
?The Tribe of Judah,? stories of tribulation in which the People of Israel were intertwined in the Diaspora, by the Rabbi Shlomo ben Verga, Amsterdam 1709, 64 pages, 13cm. Important book which was printed in dozens of editions and different translations. Good condition, peeling and disconnected binding, slight defect in the title page. Moreshet Auctions
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