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Silver holder for a Havdalah candle. Europe, 20th century.
Casting and engraving work, includes a drawer that can pull out for besamim, with inscription ?boreh minei besamim.? Height: 22cm. Weight: 220g. Good condition, from a private collection. Moreshet Auctions
?Darchei Ish? with ?Ish Tz?air,? the first book printed by Nissan
Drashot for the holidays, special times, and eulogies, by Rav Nissim Shmuel Yehuda Arwitz, with ?Ish Tza?ir,? drashot by Rav Yosef Refael Uziel, father of the Rishon LeZiyyon, Ben Ziyyon Hai Uziel. The well-known printer Rav Yisrael Bak died in the middle of printing this book, in the introduction his son, Rav Nissan Bak writes of his father?s passing and his printing house (an interesting and historical introduction). The book was printed with the support of Moshe Montefiore and his wife, Yehudit. (2) 118, (1) 29 page. At the start of the book is the endorsement of the Rishon LeZiyyon Rabbi Avraham Ashkenazi (he and the compiler were sons-in-law of the Maggid HaYerushalmi HaZaken, Rabbi Yitzhak Prachi). Signed with the personal stamp of the Rishon LeZiyyon, written in Hebrew, English, and Arabic. Generally good condition, moth damage, original binding. (S. HaLevi 230). Important and rare book. Moreshet Auctions
Lot 7 books of Djerba
Lot 7 books of Djerba. 1. Pele Yoetz, Rabbi Eliezer Papo, Arabic language, Trtz"b. 2. Book Arvei Nachal alphabetically ,on the matters of mind and body guard duty, Trz"t. 3. "Cheshek Shlomo", innovations on the Bible and articles of the Rz'l, Ts"b. 4. Bnei Yaakov, practical and affordable complementary,Trz"d. 5. Book Keren Ledavid, novella on the Torah and wonderful stories, Ts"h. 6. Book Sefer Yakar, Tanac"h innovations on the order of A, B, T"s. 7. Midrash Shlomo and practical sermons, Ts"h . Total of 7 books, good condition, original bindings, signatures. Moreshet Auctions
Lot charity boxes
Lot charity boxes, (a) JNF plastic, 60s, (b) metal workpattern of the orphanage Duskin, (c) a box with a caption Israeli flag "PLEASE HELP") Moreshet Auctions
Yad, Gold 18 carat with gemstones.
Very dear, gold 18 carat yad with filigree work and gemstones. Weight: 39g, length including the chain: 27.5cm. Israel, 20th century. Stamped 18K Moreshet Auctions
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