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Pesach Haggadah, IDF 1974.
The Armoured Corps school/IDF, Nissan 1974.\n15 pages, with dust jacket. Good condition, light defect in the margins of the dust jacket. Moreshet Auctions
?Toldot Yaakov Yosef,? a book of the Admor of Deyzh.
Przemy?l edition, 1909. On the cover page are stamps of ownership of the Admor HaRav Yosef\nPanet, Av Beit Din of Deyzh. The Admor Rabbi Yosef Panet, son of the Admor Rabbi Yehezkel\nPanet of Deyzh, lived 1895-1962, from 1929 he was the Av Beit Din and head of the Bialonda\nyeshiva. After the German occupation he escaped from the Deyzh ghetto to Romania together\nwith nine of his children, which is how they survived. After the war he immigrated to the United\nStates, settled in Brooklyn, and re-established the dynasty of Deyzh chassidut, and his sons\nserved after him as Admorim (Encycolpedia of Chassidut 10e).\nThe title page has the handwritten dedication (signature is missing) of Rav Aharon Ephraim\nHaKohen Sander of Deyzh, with his stamps.\nThe title page is partially missing, the rest is in good condition. Bound with nice, new leather\nbinding, with engravings. Moreshet Auctions
?Shorshei Yishay? from Rabbi Shlomo HaLevi Elkabetz, compiler of the
Long commentary on Megillat Ruth, with commentaries from the Zohar on mysticism. By the Gaon Rabbi Shlomo HaLevi Elkabetz, compiler of Lecha Dodi from the golden era of the sages of Tzfat. First edition 96 pages. 20cm. (Winograd Kushta 221). Books by this author are extremely rare. On the title page is the signature of Haim David Amar,the Gaon who served with the great students of the Or HaHayyim, who sent him to Israel to prepare the way for him to Jerusalem (History of the Sages of Jerusalem, part 3, p. 10). Additional signatures on the title page and the page after, with a long list of ancient books on the page following. A nice title page with an architectural motif, it is restored, 2 first pages have defects with damage to the text but with professional restoration; stains and wear. Bound in old, parchment binding. Moreshet Auctions
Lot 2 deggers
Lot 2 deggers apperantly for decoration <br> &#1500;&#1493;&#1496; 2 &#1508;&#1490;&#1497;&#1493;&#1504;&#1493;&#1514; &#1499;&#1504;&#1512;&#1488;&#1492; &#1500;&#1504;&#1493;&#1497;. Moreshet Auctions
Lot coverage for Pesach
Lot coverage for Pesach: A. 3 matzahs cover fabric cutout work. B. Afikomen. Germany, the 20,30 years or so. Moreshet Auctions
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