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Nyköping Auktionsverk AB is a family business whose customers, buyers and sellers, are themost valuable assets. Therefore, Nyköpings Auktionsverk believe in an open personal attention and quality service. The intention is to make it simple and easy to use their services. Nyköpings Auktionsverk believes in diversity and provides auction antiques for all tastes and interests. This benefits buyers and sellers.
The auction house run a modernized sales business with online auctions. With utmost accuracy Nyköpings Auktionsverk try to describe all objects in pictures and text. Of course you have the opportunity to observe objects yourself in the showroom in Nyköping. In the premises you will also receive help to create an account and bid on their auctions.
Nyköpings Auktionsverk provide valuation of estates, parts of furniture, bankruptcies and individual items. 
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GLASSERVIS, 18 delar, Ture Berglund, Stockholms Glasbruk.
6 vitvinsglasglas 9 cm\n6 likörglasglas 8 cm\n6 selterglas 7 cm. Nyköpings Auktionsverk AB
BESTICKSUPPSÄTTNING, 72 delar, rostfritt, 1900-tal.
Besticksuppsättning i tillhörande schatull, bestick i rostfritt stål med plastskaft\n12 gafflar, längd 18,7 cm\n12 gafflar, längd 15,7 cm\n12 knivar, längd 20,7 cm\n12 knivar, längd 17,7 cm\n12 skedar, längd 18,7 cm\n12 skedar, längd 15,5 cm. Nyköpings Auktionsverk AB
KORNISCH, trä, 1900-tal.
Längd 208 cm. Nyköpings Auktionsverk AB
AKKE HUGH MALMESTRÖM. Olja på pannå, "Till Kyrkan", Västra björken, 1945.
37,5 x 47,5 cm. Nyköpings Auktionsverk AB
FICKUR, ytterboett 18k guld.
Urets diameter 3,6 cm. Nyköpings Auktionsverk AB
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Nyköpings Auktionsverk AB
Nyköpings Auktionsverk AB
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61138 Nyköping
+46 709498103