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Sam Giancana Dinner with Family in Hawaii. Photo and Kodakchrome
Sam Giancana - Dinner with Family. Taken at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel. With in-laws, Dick and Rose and Daughter Antoinette Giancana. This photo was provided and used on Antoinette Giancana's Book "Mafia Princess". Kodakchrome Tranparency Slide: 2" x 2" - Photo: 8" x 10". Writing on the back of the print reads: "USED PB, 2/87-Mafia Princess - Antoinette Giancana". (SGC56) $200-400 Munari Auctions
Sam Giancana Mafaia Mug shot Collection- Mug shot of "Mad Sam" Destefano
Mug shot of "Mad Sam" Destefano - Kodak Photo Slide from the Giancana Collection. Born on September 13, 1909, in Illinois, Samuel "Mad Sam" DeStefano Jr. was one of Chicago's cruelest crime figures. He ran a loan-sharking operation for years, and relished the opportunity to torture and kill those who crossed him. Kodakchrome Transparency Slide: 2" x 2" - Negative: 3-1/8" x 2-1/2" (SGC132) $200-400 Munari Auctions
Sam Giancana with Leonard "Fat" Caifano
Sam Giancana (2nd row on the left) with Leonard "Fat" Caifano (center), and 2 unidentifiable males. Original photo that was glued to family album. Leonard "Fat" Caifano, a.k.a Lenny was an Outfit member who was a very close friend of Sam Giancana. Photo taken in Wisconsin. 5-1/4" x 3" (SGC17) $200-400 Munari Auctions
Sam Giancana - Oak Park Home Furniture - 3 Piece Wood Stacking Table Set
Sam Giancana Oak Park, IL - Home Furniture. Nesting Carved wood, scalloped wall table set, curved leg design with ornate wood carvings in a warm brown, stained finish - glass top. Tallest Table Dimensions: 25" H x 28" W x 15" D (SGC97) $300-600 Munari Auctions
"Still Life of Apples and Vases" by Walt Kuhn, 1944 - Bill Harrah's Collection
Munari Auctions is delighted to present works from the collection of  Bill Harrah, founder of the Harrah's Hotel and Casino. Lot 2. "Still Life of Apples and Vases" by Walt Kuhn (1877?1949), signed 1944. Walt Kuhn was an American painter and an organizer of the famous Armory Show of 1913, which was America's first large-scale introduction to European Modernism. Munari Auctions
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