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History of Case for Statistical Purposes - Legal Document on Sam Giancana's
This is a 1-page form with information on the cause of death of Sam Giancana filled out by the Deputy Coroner. The form also has personal collective data on Sam Giancana. Dated July 22,1975. From the Giancana document collection. (SGC152) $50-100 Munari Auctions
Sam Giancana- Probate Documents
Account Declaration by administrator Francine DePalma covering all of the accounts of Sam Giancana's Estate. Itemized cash receipts of proceeds from the sale of the home in Oak Park and account of other assets, disbursements, recapitulations and distribution of proceeds to his heirs. 6 pages dated February 9, 1979. 8"-1/2" x 14" Legal size paper. (SGC12b) $75-125 Munari Auctions
Appraisal Report of the Estate of Sam Giancana
Appraisal Report of the Estate of Sam Giancana, 1147 Wenonah, Oak Park, Illinois. Appraisal by Chicago Art Galleries. 19 pages all together with page 3 missing. Over 300 items appraised. Report is dated December 4, 1975. Giancana Document Collection. 11"x17" (SGC9) $75-150 Munari Auctions
Sam Giancana - Party in Oak Park Home - Kodakchrome Transparency Slide
Taken at Sam Giancana's home in 1147 Wenonah, Oak Park, IL. Kodakchrome Transparency Slide. 2" x 2" (SGC112) $150-300 Munari Auctions
Sam Giancana with wife Angeline Giancana and Mrs. Caifano
Sam Giancana with wife Angeline Giancana (left of photo), and Mrs. Caifano (right of photo); wife of Leonard "Fat" Caifano at a beach in Wisconsin. Original photo that was glued to family album. . 5-3/8" x 3-3/8". (SGC18) $150-300 Munari Auctions
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