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Antique Tabriz Persian Rug / Carpet 43075
9.02 x 12.11 Late nineteenth century Antique Tabriz Rug, Persia - Antique Tabriz carpets like this are famed for their fidelity to earlier, classical Persian designs. Here scalloped quatrefoil medallion in soft blue floats amidst an array of suavely drawn arabesque vinescrolls and palmettes on a cool tan ground. In the main border stylized trees and shrubs repeat in alternation against a soft blue ground, making a an effective framing contrast to the field, while ivory minor borders provide a smooth transition. Few nineteenth-century Persian rugs recall the great masterpieces of the Safavid era so well, especially with a palette so gentle and decorative. Nazmiyal Auctions
Milas - Melas Turkish Rug 19th Century
Antique Melas, Turkey, Late 19th Century - 3 ft 09 in x 4 ft 11 (3.66m x 4.57m) - A multiplicity of exquisitely rendered floral and vinescroll borders in ever shifting colors makes up most of this stunning little antique Melas. The actual 'field' of the rug is the narrow panel at the center with a series of cruciform elements. Despite the precision and complexity of the patterning, the real beauty of the rug resides in the color juxtaposition of soft abrashed reds, greens, yellow, ivory, and blues. Nazmiyal Auctions
Antique Indian Rug 1900s
Antique Amritsar, India, Circa 1900 - 13 ft 03 in x 16 ft 05 (4.88m x 6.4m) - Elegant borders and multiple guardbands decorated with minute details frame the directional field of this striking hunting carpet created circa 1900. Panthers, horsemen, a war elephant and wild animals create a lush hunting scene amid a background of delicate millefleur shrubs. Nazmiyal Auctions
Antique Hamedan Persian Rug / Carpet 2617
3.05 x 5.10 Circa 1900 Antique Hammedan Rug, Persia - While the various abstract vinescroll borders on this charming little antique Hammedan are well established in rugs of this type, the saturated coloration and the empty, abrashed brown field are extremely rare and unusual, and perhaps relate to Talish rugs of the Caucasus from further North. In any case, the borders of this type on Hammedans often escape our notice in favor of the field. Here the empty center allows us to enjoy the fine kinetic detail of the borders that we might otherwise miss. Nazmiyal Auctions
Kerman Persian Rug 1st Quarter 20th Century
Antique Kerman, Persia, Late 19th Century - 9 ft 00 in x 11 ft 04 (2.74m x 4.57m) - Reminiscent of the finest Italian or Belgian lace, a grand double medallion with rich floral detail dominates the dramatic blue-black field of this sumptuous antique Kerman from Persia. A narrow band of ground separates the inner and outer medallions, while small openwork leafy cornerpieces define the oval form of the field. Complex arabesque borders frame the field, continuing the lacey effects on an even finer scale. The varied palette, with rich red and blue tones along with many pastel shades effectively complements the complexity of the design. The velvety pile adds to the overall impression of luxurious elegance. Nazmiyal Auctions
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