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Clear Glass Occupational Stein
Blown clear glass stein. 1 L, copper wheel engraved brewer symbols. Original pewter lid & footring. New England Glass Auction
Pottery Threaded Relief Vase
Pottery threaded relief vase. 1.0 L, no mold #, by A. Diesinger, two side scenes of a man holding rifle & a man walking in full color. New England Glass Auction
Souvenir Stein
Pottery, souvenir stein, 1/4 L, marked made in Germany. PUG, Souvenir of Boston, with three scenes, State House, Bunker Hill Monument, and Faneuil Hall. Original pewter lid. New England Glass Auction
Porcelain Stein Color Llithophane
Porcelain stein. 1/2 L, transfer and hand painted enamel verse and barmaid, color lithophane, relief pewter lid. New England Glass Auction
Ruby Stained Souvenir Pokal
Blown clear glass & ruby stained pokal. Facet-cut body, stem, foot, & lid with raised front panel, one reducing lens on rear. Engraved scene of Stolzenfels castle. New England Glass Auction
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