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New England Colonial Pewter Push Up Ratchet Candlestick 1700s
This is an antique colonial pewter paint decorated ratchet candlestick from New England circa 1700s. The ratchet candlestick is handmade from heavy pewter and is paint decorated with a glorious primitive patina. The candlestick has a deep well for candle wax overflow. The candle rests inside a candle cup and the curlicue decorated lever raises and lowers the candle as it burns down. The base of candlestick has an ornate stamped twisted rope design and is weighted. The ratchet lever is in perfect working order for raising and lowering the candle. North Bayshore Antiques
New England Apple Orchard Woven Gathering Basket 1800s
This is a large handmade apple orchard gathering basket from New England circa 1800s. Baskets are useful objects that have served man in every aspect of daily life from the field to the table, from the garden to the market and from the sewing room to the laundry. Today, collectors covet baskets as decorative objects, rather then for their original purpose. The apple-gathering basket is hand woven with oak wide slats that overlap forming the body of the basket. There are bentwood bands that are secured to the rim and center of the basket with copper tack joinery. The apple-gathering basket has a bail handle with a hand turned wooden grip. The bottom of the apple-gathering basket is made of double circular wooden planks, one on the inside and the other on the outside. North Bayshore Antiques
Amish Walnut Sewing Thread Spool Caddy Ca 1800s
This is an Amish sewing spool thread caddy from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania circa 1800s. The Amish sewing thread caddy is handmade of walnut wood. The Amish sewing thread caddy has a top pincushion and will hold 8 standard sized thread spools stacked double. There are four long metal dowels that hold the thread. The long metal dowels fit into small holes that are set running lengthwise into the tiers of the Amish sewing thread caddy. There are hand turned finial knobs upon the top of the long metal dowels that are acorn shaped. The Amish sewing thread caddy has two tiers and each tier has hand turned beveled edges. There is a pincushion on the very top of the Amish spool thread caddy made in the shape of a cup. There are two wooden knobs on the top tier to hold sewing thimbles. North Bayshore Antiques
Moravian Folk Art Redware Slip Painted Rooster 1800s
This is a Moravian folk art redware slip painted rooster figurine from southeastern Pennsylvania circa early 1800s. Moravia occupies most of the eastern part of the Czech Republic and the Moravian Church was a Protestant Outgrowth from the Catholic Church. Members of the Moravian Community purchased a 500 acre tract of land north of Philadelphia in 1741 along the Lehigh River and established their communal society. The mission was established on Christmas Eve, and was named Bethlehem, after the Biblical town in Judea. The Moravian redware rooster is large in size with incised and detailed features including plumage, dark slip design coloration on a circular incised decorated base. North Bayshore Antiques
Stoneware Primitive Hanging Slant Lid Ironstone Salt Box 1800s
This Antique Wall Hanging or Table Top Lidded White Ironstone Stoneware Saltbox from New England circa 1800s for your consideration. Salt was a valuable commodity in early America and would be stored in a covered container to protect from mice and other vermin. The Saltbox is made of white ironstone pottery with a wooden lid (see photos). The Saltbox has an arch medial back with a hole on top for hanging on a wall. The Saltbox has a wooden slant lid top attached with a screw and the original brass hinges. The Saltbox is decorated with gold leaf bands and with the word North Bayshore Antiques
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