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GALLERY 51 is a Belgian auction house that specialises in modern and contemporary art, numismatics and archeology. This auction house also sometimes holds sales in Russian art, ancient art or religious art.

GALLERY 51 offers a customised and confidential service to any customer wishing to estimate, sell or buy at auction.

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ITALY, CAST BRONZE PLAQUETTE OF THE FLAGELLATION, 16th century, 143x103mm. By Galeazzo Mondella (1467-1528) called Moderno. Kress 134. Attractively toned. Good very fine. Former Michael Hall collection 51 Gallery
Charles Émile Auguste Durand dit CAROLUS-DURAN (Lille, 1837 - Paris
Charles Émile Auguste Durand dit CAROLUS-DURAN (Lille, 1837 - Paris, 1937) Portrait d'homme Huile sur toile 46 x 37 cm Signée en haut à droite 51 Gallery
EMPIRE, GOLD AUREUS OF MAXENTIUS, 307-307 AD, Carthage, 5.442g, 6h. Calicó 5056. Drost 4/3 = Bastien 3 = Baldwin-Brett 135 (this coin). Very rare, only 7 specimens known. Old cabinet tone. Perfectly centered and struck on a broad flan. Beautiful portrait of great strength. Extremely fine. Former Arthur Evans (1851-1941) collection, Ars Classica 1934 (17) lot 1871; former Randolph Laughlin (1875-1933) collection, Adolph Hess 1933 lot 1018; former Barone Pompeo Bonazzi (1876-1956) collection, Rodolfo Ratto 1926 lot 2394; Rodolfo Ratto 1923 lot 439; from the Beaurains hoard (1922) Maxentius, on the reverse, calls Carthage Felix, due to the city's wealth in corn and fruits. In consequence of an inundation of the Nile, Egypt suffered scarcity, Roman ships employed in the importation of wheat steered for Carthage, whence they brought back a sufficient supply to the eternal city. This piece belongs to a period when relations between Maxentius and Carthage were strong. But soon, he turned his wrath upon Carthage, demanding more tax money and grain to subsidize his fragile regime. These unreasonable demands caused the Carthaginians to stage a revolt, led by a certain Alexander, against him in 308. 51 Gallery
WORLD, IRAN, Tahmasp II (AH1135-1145/1722-1732)
WORLD, IRAN, Tahmasp II (AH1135-1145/1722-1732), 5 Abbasi / 20 Shahi AH1142 (1729-1730) (Isfahan) (Silver, 26.30 gr, 49 mm) Inscription Rev. Inscription. KM 305. Very Fine, dark tone. Very rare. 51 Gallery
A SILVER DEMI ECU OF LOUIS XIV. Paris, 1655, 13.615g. Ciani 1850.
A SILVER DEMI ECU OF LOUIS XIV. Paris, 1655, 13.615g. Ciani 1850. Choice very fine. Property of a Novelist, France, acquired privately 51 Gallery
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