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GALLERY 51 is a Belgian auction house that specialises in modern and contemporary art, numismatics and archeology. This auction house also sometimes holds sales in Russian art, ancient art or religious art.

GALLERY 51 offers a customised and confidential service to any customer wishing to estimate, sell or buy at auction.

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Italian States Naples Charles V (1516-1554)
Italian States, Naples, Charles V (1516-1554), Scudo d'oro (1516-1554) (Naples) (Gold, 3.37 gr, 23 mm) Double-headed eagle facing, with wings displayed, crowned royal coat-of-arms on breast, crown above CAROLVS V RO IM Rev. Ornate cross fleuree with central pellet, flames in angles AISPARVM VTRIVS SICI R R. CNI XIX 146, Friedberg 835. Extremely Fine, Toned. Rare. Ex Archer M. Huntington Collection (HSA 1001.1.1606). 51 Gallery
A SILVER DENARIUS OF AUGUSTUS, Lyon, ca. 2 BC - 4 AD, 2.801g, 3h.
A SILVER DENARIUS OF AUGUSTUS, Lyon, ca. 2 BC - 4 AD, 2.801g, 3h. RIC 207. Deeply toned. Struck from artistic dies. Slightly off-center, otherwise, extremely fine 51 Gallery
ALTMANN Alexandre, attribué à (1885 - 1934) Massif de fleurs
ALTMANN Alexandre, attribué à (1885 - 1934) Massif de fleurs Huile sur toile 57 x 89 cm Signée en bas à gauche 51 Gallery
WORLD, BELGIUM, FLANDERS, Philip the Bold (1384-1404), Gros Rozebeker (1384) (Malines) (Silver, 2.32 gr, 26 mm) Bourgogne and Brabant shields, crown of roses above, three flowers PHS DVX BORG I COM FLAND IOH DVC BRAB Rev. Flanders shield on a cross formed with eight dragon heads MONETA NOVA FLANDRIE ET BRABANTIE. DdP VI-3, VH G2642. Very Fine, old cabinet tone. 51 Gallery
EMPIRE, GOLD TREMISSIS OF AELIA PULCHERIA, Constantinople, ca. 430-440 AD, 1.48g, 6h. RIC 280. Lustrous. Struck from dies of exceptional fine quality. Virtually as struck and almost Fdc. Leu Numismatik 2000 (77) lot 746 51 Gallery
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