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We are extremely pleased to offer this wonderful Maple? hard wood lidded doctor's / apothecary jar box, fitted fro 6 glass canisters. Please see the internal base rings from the jars. This could have either been for bulk pharmacy use, or for specimen storage in a doctor's office. Our valuable antique Measures 20.75 X 13.25 X 7.75" tall and weighs a robust 8#. This is a unique WW I era container, in VG-Excellent condition. Accurate Estate Auctions & Appraisals
We are very pleased to offer this fine trio of blown Cranberry glass items from the 20th century. Our lovely mold blown, tri cornered reverse thumbprint cruet with the clear applied crystal handle, is most likely by either Northwood or Diamond Glass from the latter 1920s. The Scarce center hand blown trapped bubble decanter is from the short-lived Diana Handcraft glass blowing studio, located in Rochester, Pa. from ca. 1950-1959. Almost no information is available on Diana, but the workmanship is outstanding, and is reminiscent of Erickson Glass trapped bubble examples. The base pontil scar confirms the hand blowing technique. The final piece is a cruet for an elevated spinning caddy table set, likely from the 1950s, and all of our items are in great condition. *** Weight: 2# 10oz - Decanter Measurements: 4.75 x 4.75 x 7.75 Accurate Estate Auctions & Appraisals
We are delighted to offer this gift worthy set of 18 Carat Gold Plated(ring not marked) Jewelry from J.C. Walsh & Sons of Dublin Ireland. This jewelry suite is designed around beautifully striated Connemara Marble (*see history below) and includes a link bracelet with a fold down clasp, a pair of clip Earrings and an adjustable ring. The first two pieces are tagged and individually gift boxed, each is in mint condition appearing unworn. The ring is not boxed and it appears to be an older vintage with perhaps some slight signs of use although we found nothing notable to report. The earrings and bracelet are signed/tagged 18k gold plated and the ring is unmarked. .............HISTORY: Connemara Marble is unique to Ireland, dating to the prehistoric times. It was used in ancient times as a trade treasure and continues to be of high value today. It is a true marble and a natural stone, available from quarries in sizes ranging from large dimensional slabs suitable for buildings to small pieces utilized for specialty jewelry. Connemara Marble is used for the pendant for the Scouting Ireland Chief Scout's Award, the highest award in Irish Scouting. JC Walsh & Sons own and operate the oldest marble quarry for this stone, first openened in 1903 by King Edward VII & Queen Alexandra during the Royal Tour of Connemara. .........................Weight : 7.7oz Measurements: 7.25" bracelet & 1" earrings................................ REFERENCES UTILIZED: Buying Jewelry by Anne Bingham; Gemstone Buying Guide by Renee Newman GG; Crescent Books Color Treasury of Gems and Jewels; Collins Gemstones; Gemstones of the World by Walter Schumannhttp; Accurate Estate Auctions & Appraisals
The following treasures are from the living estate of Ailene & Buddy Ford; noted dealers and lifelong collectors of valuable antique & vintage heirlooms. The AEAA is exceptionally proud to present 2 wonderful signed Northwood Amethyst (purple) carnival glass bowls.The first is a RARE Basket of Roses pattern bon-bon, often confused with Fentons Wreath of Roses, BUT, this is the rare one! You can confirm by checking the back pattern; this one has Northwoods exclusive basket-weave, used from 1908 to ca. 1912. Listings in the books during good times, one will find a $400+ estimate, but today it is reasonable to consider $125-$150 for this one alone. We also have a gorgeous signed Amethyst Carnival Grape & Cable variant deep bowl at 9 x 9 x 2.5 inches deep. Both have exceptional depth of Iridescent salts, and precise molds, with a straw mark on the base of the variant, and the total weight is 2#. Accurate Estate Auctions & Appraisals
The AEAA is exceptionally proud to present this RARE 1900-1902 hand painted, Royal Bayreuth small tankard style creamer, finished in the highly collectible Sunbonnet Babies line. Our tankard is the only form of its kind the the Royal Bayreuth arsenal, and there is an 8.5 inch Sunbonnet babies pitcher as well. This example is in excellent condition and carries the Royal Bayreuth blue underglaze mark, exclusively used between 1900 & 1902. This RARE 1900 Royal Bayreuth form (the large tankard) can be found on page #24 / plate 3, in Royal Bayreuth A Collectors Guide Book II by Mary J. McCaslin. The marvelous & Rare lists between $125 & $150 Our little Royal Bayreuth treasure measures 3.25 X 2.5 x 4 inches tall and weighs 5 oz. XXXXXXXXXXX. Königlich privilegierte Porzellanmanufaktur Tettau, Ferdinand Klaus lasted from 1852 until 1866, and with ownership finalized in 1852, Ferdinand Klaus made a decision to continue to use the same markings. He also kept the product range and only made minor changes in decoration style. During this period, new decorators were employed increasing the workforce to around 70 people. The company became Königlich privilegierte Porzellanmanufaktur Tettau, Sontag & Birkner from 1866 until 1879, and after 14 successful years, Birkner retired from the business with his place being taken by the investor and businessman Ludwig Maisel. Königlich privilegierte Porzellanmanufaktur Tettau, Sontag & Maisel lasted from 1879 until 1902, and this period included a large blaze which completely destroyed the factory in 1897. Based on a very promising business forecast, the owners instantly started to rebuild the factory, only much larger this time. Following the successful restart of operations, Maisel decided to retire and his former partner was joined by his sons.Named Königlich privilegierte Porzellanmanufaktur Tettau, Sontag & Söhne, from 1902 until 1915, the factory produced the finest, most diversified, and valuable hand decorated porcelain in the company’s history, the Royal Bayreuth Line! Sontag's sons were very active and next to running the business in Tettau they also opened a decoration studio in the Thuringian town of Geiersthal where they decorated their own blanks, as well as goods made by the Fraureuth Porzellan company. During the next years the factory was constantly modernized and prospered, leading to the transformation into a corporation in the year 1915. Accurate Estate Auctions & Appraisals
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