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Skånes Auktionsverk has since the mid-80's conveyed the sale of art and antiques under the name Anders Antik. They are based in Landskrona, ideally located in the expanding Öresund region. During the course of a few years they have grown into the leading auction house in southern Sweden.
The auction house is run by a young and knit team of employees who are known for their solid knowledge of art and antiques as well as their skills of the Auction House business. Skånes Auktionsverk offer four different types of auctions; Quality Auctions, in which they convey objects of high quality cultural and historical value. Monthly Auctions, which offer mediations of both entire home as well as single objects. Special Auctions, where they focus on entire collections. Estate Auctions, which include furniture as well as farm and forestry vehicles.
Located in the middle of the fast-growing Öresund region with almost 3.8 million inhabitants, the company's aim is to become the leading Auction House in southern Sweden. With the easy access to the rest of Europe, it also provides excellent opportunities for further expansion of their international trade. Skånes Auktionsverk's aim includes not only to convey and sell the objects but also to convey joy and knowledge of them and by this expand the interest of art and antiques. Skånes Auktionsverk believes that auction is a great way to reuse items in an environment-friendly manner. By auction bargains of all kinds, we can basically replace everything in our home, sell objects that no longer fit and buy something fun or more historically interesting as the better fit.
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Olja på duk. Figurer i skogslandskap med vattendrag. 63x95. Skånes Auktionsverk
Silver. England, 1700-tal. H 15. Vikt ca 100g. Skånes Auktionsverk
Bl a B&G. H 24. Skånes Auktionsverk
Brons, sittande på lotustron. Sinotibetansk, troligen 1700-tal. Höjd 28 cm.\n\nA Bodhisattva sitting on lotus throne in bronze. Sino-Tibetan 18th century. Height 28 cm. Skånes Auktionsverk
Bränt lergods med pigmentrester av bemålning. Kina, Sichuan-provinsen Han dynastin (206 f.Kr-220 e.Kr.) Höjd 47 cm. Thermoluminescence Analysis Report, Oxford, som bekräftar åldern medföljer.\n\nA large butcher in pottery with colour pigments from original painting. China, Sichuan province Han Dynasty (206 BC-220 AD). Height 47 cm. Thermoluminescence Analysis Report, Oxford, verifying the age included. Skånes Auktionsverk

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Skånes Auktionsverk
Ringvägen 48
261 41 Landskrona
T: +46 (0) 418 599 90