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Chinese Ink And Watercolor Painting Buffalo
Chinese ink and watercolor painting on paper, Buffalo, hanging on scroll, signed and sealed Jiu Pan. ; 67 x 42cm Eins Auction Appraisal
Chinese Jadeite Pendant 18k White Gold & Diamond
Chinese Jadeite Pendant 18k White Gold & Diamond ; 2 x 1.4cm ; 4g Eins Auction Appraisal
Wucai Porcelain Charger Plate, Marked as JiaQing
Depicting with the beautiful wucai glazed flower vase pattern at the main surface, this fine porcelain charger in good condition. The vase with full of blooming flowers and painted in extremely detailed. The edgedecorated with the full patterns of delicate leaves and pink flower blossoms. Marked as "JiaQing(1796-1820)" on the bottom. Eins Auction Appraisal
"Jun" Ware Flower-Sharped Porcelain Plate
Heavily Potted With The Beautiful Flower-edge At The Rim, This Small Fine Porcelain Plate With The Delicate Rose Violet Glaze. Beautiful Light Blue Glaze At The Interior Cavetto. With A Rather High Foot Down TheBottom. Eins Auction Appraisal
Chinese Water Color Painting Signed Fu Zuo
Chinese water color painting of flowers and birds signed Fu Zuo. Good condition. ; 68 x 45cm Eins Auction Appraisal
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