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Tianhuang Stone Carving Seal
田黃石暗刻紋印章 Carved With Vivid Mountains And Trees And Rocks, This Fine Seal Within The Alternative Yellow Tone Throughout. Made From the Fine Tianhuang Stone, With Delicate Carving at the Main Body. Eins Auction Appraisal
Shoushan Stone Decorative item
A fine Shoushan stone, carved with a vivid designed Guan Yin statue. The Guan Yin dressed in long lobe, face vividly expressed. Designed in extremely detailed. All set within the mountain landscape and clouds. Eins Auction Appraisal
Turquoise Bracelet
good condition; 3.5 x 2 cm; 90g Eins Auction Appraisal
Three-color Glazed Porcelain Charger, Qing Dynasty
A good condition display plate with the pattern of dragon and fruit in three colors. With the well-grown fruits on the front face on the plate. Marked KangXi Region(1661-1722) Eins Auction Appraisal
Chinese Republic Period Porcelain Plate
Republic period, Chinese porcelain plate painted flower and birds. Good condition. ; d: 25.5 x 1.6cm Eins Auction Appraisal
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