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Gabriel Vandervort's career began as a producer and writer of ancient history documentaries for the History Channel, the Discovery Channel, and History International. His love of history quickly brought him into the world of collecting coins and artifacts from the ancient world, as he began networking with local auction houses, artifact dealers and experts in the field, such as Joel Malter, Alex Malloy, Stephen Album, Dr. Gerald Eisenberg, Sue McGovern and David Sear.

With an overwhelming number of well-provenanced collections coming in from noteworthy collections and galleries throughout the US and Europe, Gabriel brought in two close friends and fellow experts, Kelly Ramage, formerly long-term cataloguer for Malter Galleries, and Michael Bianco, world-renowned antiquities expert and collector, and this business branched into the auction company Ancient Resource LLC in 2008.

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Plesioteuthis squid fossil, crystallized mouth & tentacles

Wonderful Plesioteuthis squid fossil with crystallized mouth and tentacles, sp. Plesioteuthis, Jurassic, c. 150 million years ago, Germany. This unusually well-preserved example of a large Jurassic Period fossil squid is complete with a seldom seen presence of preserved soft anatomy and a calcite crystal preservation of the mouth, as well as a perfectly spread, crystallized array of tentacles! The preserved pose is one that prey sees just before being grabbed and devoured by squid of this type. The plate the fossil is on is quite rare in that it is very large with incredible aesthetics from not only the natural coloring, but the pattern of mineral dendrites that adorn the rock and the perimeter of the creature. The fossilized body of the squid protrudes off the rock plate, adding an excellent dimensional aspect. The squid's ink sack is partially hollow and lined with crystals, and the internal test can be seen in the lines running down the body as three-dimensional detail in the stone. The color is natural with only a repair to a fracture that the plate sustained in excavation. Soft tissue is rarely fossilized for any animal, but here the outline of the entire body of the creature is preserved. The slab this squid fossil is on is very large and makes this a perfect candidate for an interior design accent. Back of rock plate has been reinforced with epoxy for safe handling and display. Overall: 23 1/4 in x 20 1/2 in; the squid 11 1/4 inches long. Ex Arizona private collection.Read more

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Lovely Gandharan stucco head from the Indus Valley
A lovely Gandharan stucco head from the Indus Valley, perhaps Hadda, c. AD 300 - 400, portraying a youthful Bodhisattva with hair skillfully framing his face and loosely knotted at the back of the head. Finely sculpted with a Hellenistic aesthetic, featuring a prominent nose and serene gaze. H: 3 in (7.6 cm). Mounted on stand. Ex Florida private collection. Ancient Resource Auctions
A pair of Egyptian faience amulets of Isis and Horus
A pair of Egyptian faience amulets of Isis and Horus. The first is a green faience amulet of seated Isis, Late Period, c. 664 - 30 BC, who suckles the infant Horus who sits in her lap, H: 22 mm, the second a blue faience amulet of Isis seated facing, Graeco-Roman, c. 2nd Century BC - 2nd Century AD, also with Horus seated in her lap. H: 31 mm. Ex collection of Norma Goldman (1922-2011), Classics Professor at Wayne State University, acquired during the 1960's-70's. Ancient Resource Auctions
Beautifully detailed zoomorphic stamp from Vera Cruz
A beautifully detailed zoomorphic stamp from Vera Cruz, Mexico, ca. AD 400 - 750. It is 2-5/8 in long and depicts the dog deity Itzcuintli. The Blue Worm symbol is present in the center of his body. Cf. Enciso 'Design Motifs of Ancient Mexico', page 107. Ex Foxworth estate Ancient Resource Auctions
A charming Greek black-glazed kantharos
A charming Greek black-glazed kantharos, c. 5th - 4th Century BC, a handsome drinking vessel with deep bowl resting on a wide ring foot with two looped strap handles to each side. H: 5 3/8 in (13.7 cm); W: 8 in (20.4 cm). Light surface weathering and deposits and a very attractive example! Ex collection of Alberto Altieri, Illinois. Ancient Resource Auctions
A Judean ‘Widow’s Mite’ set in a silver cross pendant
A Judean ‘Widow’s Mite’ set in a silver cross pendant. The coin is the famous ‘Widow’s Mite’ of the Bible, which is a bronze lepton of Alexander Jannaeus of Judaea, 103 – 76 BC. The obverse of the coin bears a Seleucid anchor and the Greek inscription ‘BASILEWS ALEXANDPOY’, the reverse with a wheel with 8 ray-like spokes and bears a Hebrew inscription reading ‘Yehonatan the King’. The coin was minted during the 1st Century BC but circulated during the time of Christ. It is set in a lovely custom .925 silver pendant in the form of a cross, with pellets at the end of each extremity and with an oval loop for suspension. 1 5/8 in x 1 ¼ in (4.1 x 3.2 cm). Ex Los Angeles private collection. Ancient Resource Auctions

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