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Gabriel Vandervort's career began as a producer and writer of ancient history documentaries for the History Channel, the Discovery Channel, and History International. His love of history quickly brought him into the world of collecting coins and artifacts from the ancient world, as he began networking with local auction houses, artifact dealers and experts in the field, such as Joel Malter, Alex Malloy, Stephen Album, Dr. Gerald Eisenberg, Sue McGovern and David Sear.

With an overwhelming number of well-provenanced collections coming in from noteworthy collections and galleries throughout the US and Europe, Gabriel brought in two close friends and fellow experts, Kelly Ramage, formerly long-term cataloguer for Malter Galleries, and Michael Bianco, world-renowned antiquities expert and collector, and this business branched into the auction company Ancient Resource LLC in 2008.

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Group of 5 Near Eastern bronze and stone animal amulets

An interesting variety of 5 Near Eastern bronze and stone animal amulets, a veritable 'Noah's Ark'. This attractive group includes: 1). A Sumerian alabaster amulet of a ram, 3rd Millennium BC, well-formed with pointed horns and drilled circular decoration on the sides. 24 mm x 20 mm. Light deposits and vertical hole for suspension through the body. (0644a). 2). A red steatite amulet of a bull's head, Northern Syria, late 3rd Millennium BC, beautifully rendered with well-preserved surfaces and horizontally drilled for suspension. 12 mm x 11 mm. (0581). 3). A crème marble amulet of a bird, Susa, late 3rd Millennium BC, in stylized form with horizontal drill for suspension. 12 mm x 11 mm. Light deposits. (0802). 4). A jet amulet in the form of a quadruped, Susa, 3rd Millennium BC, perhaps a horse or a bull, with incised mane and holed through the head for suspension. L: 2.7 cm. Jet is often called 'Black Amber' but is actually fossilized driftwood that has metamorphosed to lignite coal. It is hard and easy to polish and was used as a gemstone in antiquity and is still used today. (0795). 5). A Bactrian bronze amulet of a lion, 2nd Millennium BC, extremely well-detailed features with an attractive green patina and loop for suspension. 15 mm x 11 mm. (1113). A great starter collection for someone who wants to hold ancient miniature animals from the Biblical World in their hand! Ex-East Coast private; Ex-California Museum of Ancient Art, acquired 1989.Read more

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