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Gabriel Vandervort's career began as a producer and writer of ancient history documentaries for the History Channel, the Discovery Channel, and History International. His love of history quickly brought him into the world of collecting coins and artifacts from the ancient world, as he began networking with local auction houses, artifact dealers and experts in the field, such as Joel Malter, Alex Malloy, Stephen Album, Dr. Gerald Eisenberg, Sue McGovern and David Sear.

With an overwhelming number of well-provenanced collections coming in from noteworthy collections and galleries throughout the US and Europe, Gabriel brought in two close friends and fellow experts, Kelly Ramage, formerly long-term cataloguer for Malter Galleries, and Michael Bianco, world-renowned antiquities expert and collector, and this business branched into the auction company Ancient Resource LLC in 2008.

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Roman/Byzantine bronze applique with bearded men
A late Roman/Byzantine bronze applique depicting the heads of two bearded men, c. 5th - 6th Century AD, part of a larger composition, the heads are part of a cap-like attachment with some other element riding originally between them. 1 5/16 x 1 1/4 in (3.3 x 3.2 cm). Nicely patinated. Ex collection of Dr. Amnon Rosenfeld, Jerusalem. Ancient Resource LLC
Roman gold applique with face of Jupiter
A beautiful Roman gold applique with face of Jupiter, c. 1st - 2nd Century AD, wonderfully detailed with flowing beard and waved locks of hair, his features quite expressive with open mouth. Dia: 2.9 cm. 2.47g. Mounted on a custom base. Intact with a couple minor splits around the edges. Ex Midwest private collection. Ancient Resource LLC
First Jewish Coin. Hasmonean Kings of Judaea in Star of David bezel
The First Jewish Coin! Hasmonean Kings of Judaea. John Hyrcanus (Yehonatan), 135 - 104 BCE. Small bronze prutah, set into a stunning .925 silver Star of David pendant. Double-cornucopia adorned with ribbons and pomegranate within the two horns; small 'L' / Hebrew inscription: 'Yehonatan the High Priest and the Council of the Jews' in five lines within wreath ref: Hendin-454. Total diameter 20mm (13/16 in). Ancient Resource LLC
A rare Chupicuaro avian whistle from Mexico
A rare Chupicuaro avian whistle from Mexico, ca. 300 - 100 BC. This wonderfully stylized bird with bulging eyes is 2-1/8 in long and has deeply incised wings that retain much of the original red and white stucco inlays. The black slip is highly burnished and the whistle's tone is clear and loud. In excellent condition, with intact suspension loops serving as feet. Ex Foxworth estate. Ancient Resource LLC
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