Sotheby’s was founded in London on March 11, 1744, when Samuel Baker auctioned “several Hundred scarce and valuable books” from the library of the Rt Hon Sir John Stanley for a few hundred pounds. The story of Sotheby’s expansion beyond books to include the best in fine and decorative arts and jewellery is also the story of the global auction market, defined by extraordinary moments that continue to capture the world’s attention. Since 1744, Sotheby’s has distinguished itself as a leader in the auction world. Season after season, the depth and excellence of Sotheby’s offerings have produced watershed, record-breaking sales. Sotheby’s has been entrusted with the sale of many of the world's treasures, amongst them: Napoleon’s St Helena library, the Duchess of Windsor’s jewels, the Estate of Mrs Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Rembrandt’s Aristotle Contemplating the Bust of Homer, Rubens’ Massacre of the Innocents, Picasso’s Garçon à la Pipe, Bacon’s Triptych, 1976, The Grand Ducal Collections of Baden, the Qianlong Yellow-Ground Famille-Rose Double-Gourd Vase, the 5,000-year-old Guennol Lioness, Giacometti’s L’Homme Qui Marche I, the Magna Carta, the first printing of the Declaration of Independence and The Martin Luther King Jr Collection. Sotheby’s has long recognised that great works of art, as well as the collectors interested in consigning and acquiring them, inhabit the global sphere. Sotheby's was the first international auction house to expand from London to New York in 1955, and the first to conduct sales in Hong Kong and the then–Soviet Union. An unwavering commitment to the very highest level of quality remains the goal of one of the most storied names on the global business stage.

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A gilt bronze and malachite mounted group of the education of Achilles
The centaur Chiron, flanking Apollo with a bow in his left hand, on a rockwork base with a lyre and serpent, on a rectangular malachite veneered plinth with a leaf cast band on disc feet\nCOMPARATIVE LITERATURE\nD. Lewis, 'The Progeny of Centaurs: An Early Work by Rude and its Influence', in La Scultura: Studi in onore di Andrew S. Ciechanowiecki, Turin, 1994, pp. 140-146\n\nFor a long time the attribution of the present model remained a mystery, however it has been proposed by Douglas Lewis that it should be attributed to the French sculptor François Rude as one of his earliest sculptural conceptions. The model is after a painting by Jean-Baptiste Regnault dating to 1782 of the same subject and the painted and sculpted versions are very close in their details. It is likely that Rude reworked the composition in three dimensions to finance the early poverty-striken years of his career.\n\nThe subject has been understood to symbolise the changes which took place following the turbulent years of the Revolution. The Achilles has passed from the boyhood care of his mother into the hands of the centaur Chiron who teaches him the heroic skills of manhood. Sotheby's
A georgian style mahogany drum table
With a burgundy-brown leather inset top above eight frieze drawers Sotheby's
A cinnabar-red overlay dark emerald-green glass 'bats and crane' snuff
Like Sale 4, lot 115, and lot 36 in the present sale, this bottle has carving in the ground colour and a similar subject, but the impression here is of a fairly standard example of the multiple-overlay group represented by Sale 4, lot 44. This series, among others, encourages one to associate the multiple overlays with their lower-relief counterparts as representing the process of continuous evolution in a single school. The ground here is not the black it seems, but a transparent, dark emerald-green, although its transparent quality is partially disguised by what appears to be a naturally dulled interior surface, perhaps lightly frosted by the lapidary originally; but the effect might also be the result of a surface being naturally degraded, perhaps through dampness, although one can detect no evidence of crizzling. It is surprising how rarely what appears to be black glass in Chinese art turns out to be so, nor is it obvious why a material so obviously emerald-green when viewed with transmitted light appears jet-black in normal light.\nThe bats on this bottle are carved with neither an attempt at individual depiction nor artistic suggestion of dynamic movement. The wings are evenly set on each side, curving in mirror image of each other, with the body viewed from above. Schematic rather than vital, they are intended less as real bats than as symbols. On Sale 4, lot 115, representing a stage half-way between the multiple-overlay group and the lower-relief, painterly style, the bats, while beginning to show signs of life, are still essentially similar to these. On lot 36 in this sale, however, which is unmistakably of the painterly group, the bats have not only become more dynamic but are individually conceived. They are more impressive yet on other examples of the low-relief style, but the transition from stiff symbolism to vitality is a perfect illustration of the progression, within a single group of bottles, from one main stylistic group to another. Sotheby's
Breguet, A FINE 18K WHITE GOLD MINUTE REPEATING WRISTWATCH WITH 24 HOURS INDICATION\nCIRCA 2003 REF 3637\n• cal. 567 manual winding nickel lever movement, 30 jewels • silvered guilloché dial, polished chapter ring with painted Roman numerals, two subsidiary dials for 24 hours with night and day indication and constant seconds • coin-edged band, sapphire crystal display back • case, dial and movement signed • with an 18k white gold Breguet deployant clasp\nDiameter 37 mm Sotheby's
Edgar Charles Johnston (1896-1988) fut un acteur majeur de l’histoire de l’aviation australienne. A l'époque surintendant des aérodromes de l’aviation civile pour le ministère australien de la Défense, il collecta cette coupe en 1928 lors d’une mission de surveillance des côtes et des zones minières de Papouasie Nouvelle-Guinée.\n\nCette grande et superbe coupe à pigments mpat, sculptée à l'outil de pierre, se distingue par la qualité et la complexité de son iconographie. La tête associe les traits d'une gueule de crocodile et d'un groin de cochon, tandis que sous le cou une petite anse de suspension forme le bec d'un oiseau. L'extérieur évoque de façon abstraite la peau d'un reptile. Se distinguent également trois visages, l'un sur le front, les deux autres placés symétriquement à l'extrémité de la coupe.\n\nA propos d'une autre rare coupe à pigments comparable - provenant de Harry Geoffroy Beasley et aujourd'hui dans les collections du musée Barbier-Mueller (inv. 4084) - Christian Kaufmann (in Peltier & Morin, 2006, p. 409, n° 49) note : "Nous voici confrontés à une image complexe, un concentré de la structure du monde ancestral : chaque ancêtre a ses formes d'apparition, ses "enveloppes", shaba, spécifiques sous lesquelles il choisit d'apparaître selon les circonstances. C'est ce potentiel de changement qui lui permet de surprendre les humains où et quand il le désire".\n\nVoir Friede (2005, n° 204) pour une coupe à pigments comparable dans la collection Jolika de John et Marcia Friede, collectée lors de l'expédition de La Korrigane en 1935 (D.39.3/1650). Sotheby's

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