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Soviet Greeting Card to Kulagin Signed by Glushko
A Russian 4"x 6.5" fold open greeting card from 1986 congratulating Kulagin and signed by Head of the Soviet Space Program Glushko. Great shape. Lunar Legacies
Skylab EREP Investigations Summary Hardbound Book
A Skylab EREP Investigations Summary hardbound book from NASA, SP-399, dated 1978 with 386 pages of mostly color photos, illustrations and information. Great condition. Lunar Legacies
STS-51D Flown Pilot Abort Cue Card From Bobko Collection
A 7"x 8" two-sided Contingency cue card on heavy card stock flown on the STS-51D mission and for use by the Pilot on the mission. The card contains procedures for RTLS (Return to Launch Site) and Abort. Velcro on both sides for attaching to panels. From the personal collection of STS-51D Commander Karol Bobko, and comes with a signed COA by him. Lunar Legacies
Paul Tibbets Signed 'Enola Gay' Book
'Return of the Enola Gay' hardbound 1998 book signed on the title page by Tibbets. Excellent condition. Lunar Legacies
30-Year Gagarin Heavy Table Medal
A Russian 2"x 2.5" table medallion made for Gagarin's 30th anniversary and for a stamp exhibition. Great shape. Lunar Legacies
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