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SpongeBob from SB 129 production drawing 1999
These drawings are some of the best drawings remaining from my SpongeBob Collection. Each piece is guaranteed authentic and comes with a certificate of authenticity. Unlike all other popular cartoon series in the past, there was only one year that these cels were produced, making them extremely rare and likely to increase in price tremendously as the 16 years of children start collecting their favorite cartoon character. Animation Art Emporium
Nickelodeon SpongeBob SquarePants Production from "Suds" 1999-2000
Only in the first season were the production drawings made for the cartoon series. In later seasons, they were totally done on computers. Animation Art Emporium
Zagreb Studios Unknown Setup of Production Cel and Production Background
We do not know what particular film this little Indian came from. Animation Art Emporium
1950s TOM TERRIFIC Production Drawing from Captain Kangaroo
Very rare image of the 1950 guy who could shape shift before it was popular. Animation Art Emporium
SpongeBob Production Cel
This is an original Production cel from the first and only season SpongeBob Squarepants was hand painted. SpongeBob Squarepants is the most popular cartoon in the world and is introducing their next feature film this Feb 2015. It is a great investment that you can hang on the wall and enjoy every day and in 15 years sell it to one of the millions of kids that will then have the financial means to purchase a memory of their favorite cartoon hero that they watched on TV from 2000-2015. Animation Art Emporium
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