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Chinese Nephrite jade pitcher, Shijiahe culture, certified
Certified Chinese Nephrite jade pitcher, Shijiahe culture (2500-2000 BC), Hubei. Width: 9 inches = 235 mm. Diameter: 5.52 inches = 135 mm. Height from the bottom to the top of the lid: 6 inches = 160 mm. Weight of pitcher: 4 lb. 12 oz. = 2170 g. Weight of Lid: 12 oz. = 320 g. Total weight, including lid: 5.5 lb. = 2500 g. Provenance: from the estate sale in Washington State, USA. Condition: normal age wear more at the bottom and on the side walls, which is another proof of authenticity, no defects. Authenticity report by Dr. Ming Chieh Chen, Certified Appraiser, Palm Beach Appraisers Association:Made of green tone nephrite jade pitcher vase was used possibly for ritual ceremonies.Based on the degree of jade antiquity, motif and carving style, age of object may be from the Shijiahe culture (2500-2000BC) of late Neolithic cultures, centered around Yangtze river region in Hubei, China. Estimate Value for object is :$120,000-150,000. References: Shijiahe culture. The Shijiahe culture (Chinese: ; pinyin: Shjih Wnhu) (2500-2000 BC) was a late Neolithic culture centered around the middle Yangtze River region in Hubei, China. It succeeded the Qujialing culture in the same region and inherited its unique artifact of painted spindle whorls. Pottery figurines and distinct jade worked with advanced techniques were also common to the culture. The remains of copper ore and artifacts were discovered in one Shijiahe settlement.The type site was discovered at Tianmen County, Hubei, China. The upper layer of the type site belonged to the Qujialing culture. The site at Shijiahe covered an area of around 1,200,000 m. The settlement was surrounded by a moat and rammed earth wall. The type site was likely a regional center.Shijiahe is one of the largest towns excavated so far, almost a perfect square, one kilometer on each side. This was a period in which villages and towns expanded symmetrically in oval, square, rectangle and trapezoid shapes.[1] Condition normal age wear more at the bottom and on the side walls, which is another proof of authenticity, no defects; Low Estimate: 50000; High Estimate: 150000; Original: Yes; Eternity Gallery
Antique Chinese rectangular jade seal, 2 characters
Antique Chinese rectangular jade seal, with 2 characters, Height -68 mm. Weight: 250 g = 10 oz. Height: 2.75 in. = 68 mm; Base: 37 mm x 36 mm; Condition: very good, no cracks, no chips; Provenance: Bought at auction in Toronto, Canada Condition Fine, used; Low Estimate: 800; High Estimate: 2000; Original: Yes; Eternity Gallery
Chinese carved hard wood Two Man riding a Bull, Qing dy
Chinese carved hard red wood - Two Man riding a Bull, Late Qing dynasty (?) The wooden stand is made of other kind of black hard wood. Height: 5 inches = 12.5 cm Length of the stand: 12 inches = 30 cm Weigh of the bull: 1 lb. 9 oz. = 720 g. Weight of the stand: 14 oz. = 400 g. Total weight: 2 lb. 8 oz. =1150 g. Approximate age: 1800-1900 Condition left horn is broken, otherwise great condition; Low Estimate: 2000; High Estimate: 6000; Orignal: Yes; Eternity Gallery
Chinese Museum Bronze Bowl Pair, Tang Dynasty 599-649AD
Chinese Antique Bronze Bowl Pair, Tang Dynasty, 599-649 AD) Matched pair of cast bronze bowls, each with low pedestal base and dished body, the outer face with running arabesque arcade and textured field; to the inner face a roundel with opposed lions; to the underside, a cartouche with maker's mark. Seal on the bottom " _____", "_______" was Zhen Guan (627-649 AD) Zhen Guan was the reign title of Tai Zong, personal name - Li Shimin (599-649) "________" was the TANG Kingdom. Weight: 400 g + 471 g = 871 grams = 2 lb. Diameter of plate #1: 12.4 cm = 5 in. Diameter of plate #2: 12.8 cm = 5 1/8 in. Provenance: Acquired on the London art market in the late 1990's. Condition Fine condition, authentic patina and rust all over Low Estimate: 2000 High Estimate: 5000 Original: Yes Eternity Gallery
Chinese antique rose wood carving old man with a beard
Chinese antique rose wood carving old man with a beard. Height: 10 inches = 25 cm. Base: 7.25 inches = 18 cm. Weight: 3 lb. 6 oz. = 1550 g. Age: approximately 1800-1900 \n\nCondition Fine, refer to the photos; \n\nLow Estimate: 2000; \n\nHigh Estimate: 6000; \n\nOriginal: Yes; Eternity Gallery
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