EXPERTISEZ.COM was created in 2006 by Elodie and Eric Couturier.

Eric Couturier has been an auctioneer since 1985, and was the director of the auction house Hoebanx-Couturier from 1995 to 2005. He is specialised in modern and contemporary sculpture, modern and contemporary paintings and is an expert in works by Jean Fautrier and Etienne-Martin.

As a graduate of art history and archeology at the Sorbonne, Elodie Couturier opened her first gallery in 1995 where she exhibits paintings and modern and contemporary sculptures. After graduating from the National Institute of Gemology (ING), Elodie Couturier became in 2000 an expert in jewellery. She opened a gallery devoted to her two passions: jewellery and paintings.

Eight times a year, the auction house EXPERTISEZ.COM holds sales of Orientalist, modern and contemporary paintings, and four times a year, sales of jewellery, watches and silverware. They also hold sales in other fields such as design, vintage and wine.

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And sold! Picasso vase, #2
Last week we brought you the news of an exciting new consignment for Mallams Auction House in Oxford, in the shape of this beautiful Ram’s Head vase:
And sold! Patek Philippe
We love it when a plan comes together - like finding an amazing piece for the right auction house, making for a successful sale. Sold.

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Oscar DOMINGUEZ (1906-1957)
Cavalier - Aquarelle signée en bas à droite - 65 x 50 cm - Référence Michel et Albert Garnaud DOM.36 - Pliures et déchirure vers le bas à gauche et traces d'humidité - Certificat de Madame Anna Vasquez de Parga
Thomas François CARTIER (1879- 1943) -
Chat se léchant - Bronze à patine dorée - Soce en marbre vert - 14,5 x 11 x 6 cm\n\nThomas François Cartier, bronze
Léopold SURVAGE (1879-1968)
L'équilibre instable du bateau ivre - Dessin à l'encre - Signé et daté (19)44 - Poème en bas à gauche écrit de la main de l'artiste "L'équilibre instable du bateau ivre - Augmentent à chaque coup de dé - Des joueurs acharnés
André DUNOYER de SEGONZAC (1884 - 1974)
La moisson vers 1928 - Gravure signée à l'encre dans la marge en bas à droite et justifiée 44/60 en bas à gauche - Planche : 46 x 34 cm - Feuille 64 x 49 cm (à vue)\n\nAndré Dunoyer de Segonzac, engraving
Calon Segur
1 bouteille , 1990 Etiquette très déchirée\n\nCalon Segur, 1 bottle, 1990, torn label has 147 objects in the categories.

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