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Double-edged, straight blade with three grooves on both sides and etched decoration. Walrus tusk grip-scales held together with two rivets. Wooden scabbard covered with shagreen leather, walrus tusk locket. Caucasus, 19th century, length 49 cm. Condition 2 Antikvity
Lithographed Tin Toy Gramophone By Gebr. Bing
German toy-grammophone for 6 1/2 in. records, clockwork-operated version with brown case. Germany, Bing Werke AG; Nürnberg circa 1925, dimensions 15.2 x 8.9 x 15.2 cm (6 x 3.5 x 6 inch). Complete and in good working condition. Condition 2 Antikvity
Female figure lamp - Art Deco
Stoneware, white glaze, "Bechyne" mark, Bohemia, around 1920, height 45 cm Condition 2 Antikvity
Two Pictures - Flowers and Birds
Ink and paints on paper. Signed and with a seal. China, 1st half of the 20th century, dimensions 15 x 20 cm. One painting passe-partout, framed and glazed. Condition 2 Antikvity
Collection of 4 posters
Collection of 4 posters 1) Exhibition for the 70th birthday of Oskar Kokoschka, National Gallery in Prague, 1956, dimensions 59.5 x 83.5 cm. 2) Oskar Kokoschka - Documentary, Pochlarn, exhibition in the birth house, 1974, dimensions 84 x 59 cm. 3) Promotional poster - Oskar Kokoschka, China 1978, dimensions 51.5 x 72.5 cm. 4) Oskar Kokoschka, portraits of 1907 - 1970, House of Art Munich, 1971, dimensions 59.8 x 84 cm. Wrinkles and cracks. Condition 2- Antikvity
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