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The Three Kings, Jindra Husarikova
Oil on cardboard, signed "Husáriková" at bottom right. Husarikova Jindra (*1931 Usti nad Labem - ). Bohemia, 2nd half of the 20th century, dimensions 29 x 17 cm. Framed. Condition 2 Antikvity
Attila uniform jacket, k. u. k. Hussars, Regiment 14
Light blue rank and file jacket, framed with golden cords of squared cross-section, golden "olive" buttons, red lining, dummy not incl. Condition 2 Antikvity
Table Clock - Historicism
Walnut veneered clock case. Front glazed, the design of the case incorporate architectural elements. Case on low profiled base with decorated turned semi-pillars on the sides. Gilded bronze dial with relief fittings, black Arabic numerals on silver-plated ring. Clockwork strikes on a gong on the half hour, marked "B&W;" (Berger & Würker). Pendulum, a winding key. Leipzig around 1890, dimensions 58 x 33 x 19.5 cm. Minimal wear traces. Condition 2+ Antikvity
Powder Tester
Tester in the shape of a pistol, frame with center hammer, numbered wheel, graduated from one to ten, walnut stock. Probably Germany, circa 1850, length 22 cm. Rare. Condition 2 Antikvity
Cup and a saucer, By™ezovu¡
Cup and a saucer, By™ezovu¡ Starting price is 120(EUR) Antikvity
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