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Confirmation medal
Silver, fineness 800/1000. Stamped from thin silver plate, signed below "DETLER", in filigree frame of fine silversmith work with arabesques. Austria, Vienna (Franz Detler), 1818, diameter 11 cm, weight 59.65 g. Hanging eyelet damaged. Moravian Gallery in Brno Inventory Number 28459 Condition 2- Antikvity
Double-walled glass
Clear glass, inserted bottom, 16 times faceted double wall, inlaid gold and silver leaf. In foil scratched figural scene flanked with gold and silver bands. Bohemia, 19th cent., height 11 cm, two minor chips at the bottom Condition 2 Antikvity
A Flintlock Shotgun
Two-stage barrel, octagonal then round with a slightly swamped muzzle. Smooth bore in 16 mm calibre. Over the breech an engraved signature "Carl Starex in Wien". Lavishly cut Flintlock with hunting themes signed "Georg Exl in Brünn". Decoratively carved walnut full stock. Stock has small cracks in places. Furniture in lavish relief made from brass. Wooden ramrod with horn tip. Brno, Moravia circa 1720, Length 145 cm. Georg Exl is known as gunsmith in Brünn (Moravie)at first half of 18th century. condition 2 Antikvity
Large porcelain vase
Classic shape with narrow neck flared at the end. Large landscapes including figural scenes in the front as well as in the back painted in "Famille rose" colors, gilding. China, 20th cent., height 80 cm. Painting slightly worn. Condition 2 Antikvity
Colt DA Army and Frontier Revolver 1878 Model
Cal..455, Nr. 19234. Rifled round barrel 4 3/4" length. 6-shot. Manufactured in 1887. One-line inscription on barrel "COLT´S PT F A MFG Co. HARTFORD CT.U.S.A. DEPOT 14 PALL MALL LONDON". Surfaces entirely inlaid with floral design patterns in gold. Two Islamic script cartouches, surrounded by gold inlay. Original, somewhat patinated finish. Bird´s head grip. Brown hard rubber grip panels with rampant colt in oval. Lanyard loop. Usage marks, worn. See: Wilson, R. L.,: Colt, an American Legend, Abbeville Press, New York 1988 condition 2 Antikvity
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