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Two Shooting Targets
Painted softwood. Double-headed eagle and coat of arms. Shooter´s names and dating 1839. Austria, 1839, dimensions 24 x 24 cm. Condition 2 Antikvity
Double-edged, straight blade with central rib and central point. In upper part lenticular in cross-section, fullers on both sides. In upper third decorated with etched ornaments (outwear), rest of inscription. Wooden grip bound with twisted iron wires. Iron hilt. Spherical pommel with tang-nut, strip knuckle-guard fixed with screw. Straight crossguard, counterguard with symetrical perforations. Germany, 17th century, length 103,5 cm. Condition 2 Antikvity
Deluxe Karabela
Single-edged, straight blade with fuller on both sides, false edge and back point. Rhino-horn grip-scales held together with three gilded rivets. Gilded brass hilt. Wooden scabbard covered with black leather. Gilded brass chape decorated with relief of rocailles, Austria, c. 1750, length 77 cm. Condition 2+ Antikvity
Petrov in Brno, Josef Zamazal
Oil on canvas, signed and dated bottom left "Josef Zamazal 1938". Josef Zamazal (*1900 Vsetin - †1983 Prague). Brno 1938, dimensions 76 x 64 cm. Framed. Condition 2 Antikvity
Still Life with Fruit, Jan Bauch
Gouache on paper, signed and dated on upper right "Jan Bauch 1952". Bauch Jan (*1898 Prague - †1995 Prague), Prague 1952, dimensions 43 x 29 cm, mounted, glassed. Condition 2 Antikvity
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