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Benedicto Cabrera (b.1942) Male Nude
Benedicto Cabrera (b.1942) Male Nude signed and dated 1971 (lower right) charcoal and ink on paper Leon Gallery
Anita Magsaysay-Ho (1914 - 2012) Nude signed and dated 1975 (lower right) Pencil on paper 1975 9 x 10 1/2" (23 x 27 cm) Leon Gallery
Isabelo L. Tampinco (1850 - 1933) Bewitching Pose
Isabelo L. Tampinco (1850 - 1933) Bewitching Pose signed and dated 1908 Leon Gallery
Arturo Luz (b.1926) Necklace by Hans Brumann signed by Arturo Luz
Arturo Luz (b.1926) Necklace by Hans Brumann signed by Arturo Luz signed by Arturo Luz 18K Gold weight: 82g Leon Gallery
Jose Joya (1931-1995) Garuda
Jose Joya (1931-1995) Garuda signed and dated 1991 (lower right) acrylic collage 21 1/2? x 29 1/2? (55 cm x 75 cm) This piece is accompanied by a certificate issued by Mrs. Josefa Joya-Baldovino confirming the authenticity of this lot Starting in 1977, the artist worked in a series of paintings using acrylic paint on plywood and developing the sponge technique. His paintings of this space suggest the precious and the elusive. With their rhythmic transparent planes, they enter into the realm of illusion and the tonal ambiguities of complex mental states. The painting marks a transitional phase in the development of the artist?s style, from an exploding kind of composition to a confinement of forms within the pictorial space. \n\nHe tried his hand at collages, using straw paper with its rich, grainy textures and mellow translucencies, cutting it into round shapes which he formed into attractive clusters, reminiscent of flagstones in some Japanese temple garden. He liked this venture into collage work so much that he has been at it ever since. Leon Gallery
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