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Garden Statue Giraffe.
Garden Statue Giraffe. Very Good Condition. 31" Tall x 23" Wide Leaman Auctions Ltd.
Oriental Bowl.
Oriental Bowl. Japanese Porcelain Ware, Decorated in Hong Kong, excellent. Leaman Auctions Ltd.
Turnbaugh family lineage chart
The first part reads, The first person on this chart and the common ancestor of the  Turnbaughs in PA., Ohio, & Ca. Jacob T 1792-1873 is known to have moved into PA from MD. This point is verified by George W. T. 1879 the ggrandson of Jacob T. The only known family of the Turnbaughs in Northern MD at that time were the sons and daughters of Teterick T. 1773-1847. Teterick is know to have had ten children and could have easily had another in 1792. If Jacob T is Tetericks son he would be the oldest son. The only other Turnbaugh found before Teterick is a merchant of Baltimore named George T. who died April 8 1785. This date would place George T. in a position to be Tetericks father although no definite connection has been made found. Leaman Auctions Ltd.
Milk Bottle-Ka-Vee, Bellville, PA
Ka-Vee, Bellville, PA. Excellent. Leaman Auctions Ltd.
Good condition Leaman Auctions Ltd.
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