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Stadsauktion Sundsvall was founded in 2013 by Anders Melin and Peter Webb. They where the first auction house in the northern parts of Sweden to offer online auctions. The auctions are carried out in collaboration with Melin and Webb have worked together before when founded the music company Sidelake Productions in 1990. Although having had a career in the music industry the two of them have always had a striving interest for antiques and design. Melin has apart from his studies in Antiques and Design collected art for over 30 years and Webb has run the shop Duo Retro in the Swedish town Sundsvall selling 1950-, 1960,-and 1970 furniture and design.  

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CURT AGGE. "Landskap i Bretagne" olja på duk, signerad samt daterad -58.
Bildmått 16 x 54 cm. Stadsauktion Sundsvall
HERRBETJÄNT, Italien. 1900-tal.
Höjd 102 cm. Stadsauktion Sundsvall
SKÅL, Stengods, Berndt Friberg, Gustavsbergs studio.
Höjd 7,5 cm. Stadsauktion Sundsvall
HALSBAND, BÄLTE samt ARMBAND, silver, Persien. 1900-tal. Vikt 172 gram.
Flätade länkar med spännen i form av blommor.\n Halsband, diameter 13 cm, bredd 1,1 cm.\nArmband, diameter 6,5 cm, bredd 0,9 cm.\nBälte, längd 75 cm. Stadsauktion Sundsvall
SPISARBOX med SKIVOR, 1900-talets andra hälft.
Röd box, komplett med kartotek. Stadsauktion Sundsvall
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Stadsauktion Sundsvall
Heffnersvägen 32
856 33 Sundsvall
Tele: 060-17 00 40
Peter Webb: 070-256 51 03
Anders Melin: 070-766 50 84