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Twelve Original Lithographs?for Isaac Bashevis Singer's "The Gentleman from Cracow" and "The Mirror." < \n\n > Each colored plate signed and numbered in pencil by the artist. Signed by Isaac Bashevis Singer on title-page. 24 text pages. 19 x 26 inches sheet size (48.3 x 66 cm). Loose as issued in original linen folding-case (stained). New York, Touchstone Publishers, 1970 Kestenbaum Company
Rimmed plate with extensive Hebrew inscription along raised edge identifying the names of four donors (including surname ?Alsheich?) in honor of the Burial Society of Bucharest, in the year [5]585 (1825). The whole supported on three curvilinear legs. Minor repair along rim. Diameter: 7.5 inches.Inscribed 1825. Kestenbaum Company
Fine three-quarter length portrait of the Chief Rabbi of Great Britain in his Library. Stipple engraving by Willam Holl after the original painting by the Jewish artist Frederick Benjamin Barlin, presently in the National Portrait Gallery, London. Lightly creased. 22 x 15 inches (to mat). Rubens 1566.• Solomon Hirschel (1762-1845), Chief Rabbi of Great Britain, was the scion of one of Europe's distinguished Rabbinical dynasties. His father was the eminent Tzvi Hirsch Berlin, who preceeded him as Rabbi of the Great Synagogue, London and later served as Chief Rabbi of Berlin. Hirschel's uncle was the celebrated Rabbi Jacob Emden.London, 1803. Kestenbaum Company
ÒDrive to the Collective Farm!Ó Text in Yiddish. Framed. 28.5 x 18 inches to mat.• Representative of the Kolkhoz propaganda campaign, seeking to to break up private ownership and promote collectivization into kolkhoz and sovkhoz farming communities.Depicts a proud modern woman driving a tractor, clearly superseding the traditional Jewish woman, seen in the background, blessing the Sabbath candles.Moscow, 1920Õs.. Kestenbaum Company
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