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[“Omnia in Eo:” compendium of Jewish Law]. (Attributed to Aaron HaKohen of Lunel). FIRST EDITION. ff. 165 (of 179). Opening ten leaves and ff. 14-5, 20-1 provided in facsimile, lower corners of seven leaves with loss provided in facsimile, few leaves provided from another copy, occasionally remargined, wormed with various paper repairs with slight loss of text, some staining, few lines censored. Modern calf. Sm. folio. Vinograd, Italy 5; Offenberg 81.• Accompanied by Another copy: Kol Bo. Italy, 1490. ff. 117 (of 179).(Italy, Printer unknown, 1490.). Kestenbaum Company
Humas, O Cinco Libros de la Ley Divina. Juntas las Aphtarot del año Edited by Menasseh ben Israel. Two parts in one. Divisional title. Calendar on last page. pp. (8), 451, (5), 127, (5). Ex-library, heavy stain through opening few leaves, some light wear to fore-edges. Contemporary sharkskin with two clasps (one hinge lacking), tight in binding. 8vo. Kayserling 29; Silva Rosa 62.• An important edition of the Pentateuch in Spanish, each verse numbered and with lengthy summaries of the contents at the head of each chapter by Menasseh ben Israel.Amsterdam, Menasseh ben Israel, 1654-55. Kestenbaum Company
Chidushim V’Shut [novellea and responsa] Manuscript in Hebrew, written in a cursive Ashkenazic hand on tinted paper. ff. 82. Touch stained. Contemporary boards, lightly worn. 4to.• UNPUBLISHED AUTOGRAPH MANUSCRIPT. This volume contains novellea on several tractates of Talmud, homilies and eulogies (a eulogy on R. Nathan Adler is on ff. 37b-41a). Also includes responsa from R. Tzvi Hirsch Heller of Ungvar (author of Tiv Gittin, see f. 69b), the author’s uncle R. Binyamin Zev Rappoport Rabbi of Papa (see ff. 15b-16a) and others, with a detailed index at the end. The Chasam Sofer is often cited (see ff. 3a, 5a, 22a, 27b and 53b).R. Ya’akov Baruch Frankel (d. 1863) studied under R. Yoav of Mattersdorf and R. Tzvi Hirsch Heller of Budapest before joining the Yeshiva of R. Moshe Sofer (the Chasam Sofer). Possessing independent means of support from his wealthy father-in-law, R. Ya’akov spent his life immersed in Torah study. Throughout his writings, R. Ya’akov cites his teacher the Chassam Sofer, indeed, several of the later’s responsa are addressed to him (see HaChatham Sofer VeTalmidav (2005) pp. 230-32).Pressburg, 1811-14. Kestenbaum Company
Sepher Iyov [Book of Job]. With commentary ÒGivath Pinchas.Ó FIRST EDITION. previous ownerÕs signatures including R. YaÕakov Reinowitz of London (see below). ff. 2, 48. Some staining. Modern morocco. Sm. 4to. Vingrad, Vilna 43; Vinograd, GrÓa 1579.• The signatory, Dayan YaÕakov Reinowitz (1818-93), was a member of the London Beth Din. See E. Newman, Anglo-Jewish Life as Reflected in the Writings of Dayan Jacob Reinowitz in: Transactions of the JHSE, Vol. 23 (1969) pp. 22-33.Vilna, Ludansky, 1808. Kestenbaum Company
Aleph-Beth [primer] Twelve stiff pages each containing two colorfully illustrated Hebrew letters. Worn, extremities frayed. Original color-pictorial boards, gutter split, covers soiled. Rectangular 12mo.• Each Hebrew letter contains multiple illustrations of objects, the Hebrew word of which begins with that particular letter. Brilliant hues. Charming illustrations culled both from East European Jewish life and the world at large.Warsaw, Hotza'at Toshiah, 1902. Kestenbaum Company
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