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Evreiskie Pogromy ["Jewish Massacre"] 1918-1921. Issued by Z. S. Ostrovsky on behalf of the Jewish Committee for Aid to Victims of Pogrom. Russian text. Numerous photographic illustrations. pp. 136. Browned, light wear to some corners, title-page creased, inscription on introductory page. Contemporary boards retaining original pictorial front cover, gutter split, rubbed. Folio.• A detailed album highlighting the horrific results following the ferocious pogroms afflicted upon Jewish communities in the Ukraine including Skvira (Skver), Poltava, Uman, Kiev and Yelizavetgrad during the Civil War years of 1918-21. See Z. Gitelman, A Century of Ambivalence: The Jews of Russia and the Soviet Union 1881 to the Present (1988) pp. 97-108.Moscow, 1926. Kestenbaum Company
Sepher Tehilim - The Book of Psalms in Hebrew and English. Arranged in Parallelism. Square Hebrew characters with vowel points and cantillation notes, English translation facing. pp. (6), 194. Ex-library. Contemporary boards, crudely rebacked. 12mo. Not listed by Goldman. Andover (Mass.) Warren F. Draper 1865 Kestenbaum Company
Judaica - Books: (JEWISH ART). Goldstein
Judaica - Books: (JEWISH ART). Goldstein, Maksymiljan and Karol Dresdner. Kultura i Szutka Ludu Zydowskiego na Ziemiach Polskich ["The Culture and Art of the Jewish People in Poland."]. One of 1000 numbered copies. Engraved frontispiece (loose) by Arthur Szyk, signed below image. Two further engraved plates by E.M. Lilien and S. Jakubowski. 158 photographic illustrations of Jewish ceremonial and fine art. Introduction by Majer Balaban. Summaries in English, French and German. Unbound. Lg. 8vo. [Mayer 865]. Lemberg, 1935. Kestenbaum Company
Vikuach Mayim Chaim. First edition. With bookplate of R. Yaakov S. Weinberg, Rosh Yeshiva of Ner Israel, Baltimore. ff. 2, 26. With pencil markings by previous owner, slight marginal repair on final two leaves not affecting text. Later marbled boards, rebacked. 12mo. Vinograd, Amsterdam 954.• Critical notes against the decisions of Torath HaChatath by the ReM"A, by R. Chaim of Prague, brother of the celebrated Mahara"l of Prague.R. Moses Isserles (the ReM"A) was born in Cracow c. 1525 and was regarded among his contemporaries to be the "Maimonides of Polish Jewry." His first halachic work Torath HaChatath, is one of the most important Codes concerning dietary and menstrual laws. Its importance lies in the fact that it includes the customs of Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Moravia, Germany, etc. which in many situations differ from the rulings of R. Joseph Karo in his Shulchan Aruch. The ReM"A was frequently lenient in cases where personal hardship was involved and generally leaned toward Polish custom. This attitude irked many of his peers, especially the present author R. Chaim b. Betzalel, who studied alongside the ReM"A in the Yeshiva of R. Shachna and criticizes him severely in this work. Despite this, the decisions of the ReM"A are accepted by Ashkenazic authorities worldwide.Amstedam, S. Proops, 1712. Kestenbaum Company
Hebrew). Kehiloth Moshe. With numerous commentaries including Ralbag, Chizkuni, Sforno, Imrei Noam, Kometz HaMincha, Minchath Ketana, Minchath Erev, etc. < > of Kometz Hamincha, Minchah Ketana, Minchath Erev. Edited by R. Moshe Frankfurter. Complete in four volumes. Decorative woodcut initial word panels. Foxed and stained, trace wormed, few tears. Later uniform boards, worn. Elephant folio. Vinograd, Amsterdam 1242 Amsterdam Moses Frankfurter 1724-27 The seventh Biblia Rabbinica. The first Rabbinic Bible to be produced solely by Jews and by far, the most elaborate and technically superior version of the Rabbinic Bible. In addition to the standard Biblical text, Kehiloth Moshe encompasses some thirty-six separate commentaries, including sixteen previously unpublished commentaries, from the first post-medieval exegetical inclusions in a Rabbinic Bible to a host of later writers. It includes numerous features such as indices to chapters of Talmudic tractates, massorah magna and parva and massoretic variations between Ben Asher and Ben Naftali. Kestenbaum Company
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