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POUQUEVILLE (M.) "GRECE [LUNIVERS. HISTOIRE ET DESCRIPTION DE TOUS LES PEUPLES], Paris, Firmin Didot, 1835. 8vo, pp.447,[1]. With 112 full page steel engravings and 2 double page maps of Greece. Original binding. Brown spots throughout. Karamitsos
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Perrot Georges
Perrot Georges, ?Souvenirs dun voyage en Asie Mineure?, Paris, Michel Levy freres, 1864. First edition. 8vo (20x14cm), pp. xxiv,506. Contemporary publishers paper covers, restored at the corners and spine, a very good and clean copy. Georges Perrot had surveyed in Asia Minor, as member of a scientific mission addressed by Napoleon III. The target of the mission was the exploration of the unknown parts of Anatolia and the discovery of any remains of the Augustus monument in Ankara. The mission started from Constantinople and travelled throughout Asia Minor passing through Bythinia, Mysia and Phrygia before arriving to Ankara (where they spent three months). The mission continued towards Chorum before entering in the Pontic areas at Amassia, resulting in a rich account of archaeological and geographical discoveries, enriched with vivid descriptions of unexplored at that time areas. Uncommon. Atabey 939, Blackmer1289 [TOGETHER] Perrot Georges, ?Inscriptions d?Asie Mineure et de Syrie?, Paris, 1877. First Edition. in 8vo, pp.71 + 1 plan. Contemporary publisher?s papercovers. Complete. A very good copy with manuscript dedication, signed by the author on the front cover. The rare scientific publication of Perrot and his team for Asia Minor, containing the epigraphic and other scientific discoveries of the archaeological mission of the early 1860s. They needed more than 10 years in order to study and finally publish in 1877 their discoveries from Asia Minor. The edition, destined for the scientists, had a very small print run and it is considered today very rare. Not in Atabey, Blackmer. Karamitsos
Kauffer, ?Carte des environs de Palatcha? (Palatia, the byzantine name for Militos area), Paris, 1782. Copper engraved map (23x17cm) of the plain of Militos in Asia Minor, the Anatolian coastline and Agathonissi island. One of the first detailed maps of this area. Creases in the lower part of the map, otherwise good and intact. Karamitsos
Bill of exchange
Bill of exchange, printed "Nicolas P. Lanitis", issued in Limassol, Cyprus, on 11 Nov. 1907. VF. Karamitsos
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