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Harriet Beecher Stowe - Abolitionist Author - Autograph Quotation Signed (AQS)
Harriet Beecher Stowe (June 14, 1811 - July 1, 1896), American author and abolitionist. Stowe's 1852 classic "Uncle Tom's Cabin", depicting African American life, became influential in the United States and United Kingdom. Authentic autographed quotation from the all-important and classic book, "Uncle Tom's Cabin," in Stowe's hand, facsimile engraved portrait and original mailing envelope also hand written by Stowe. The vintage hand written quotation is boldly signed, "Harriet Beecher Stowe," and quite large for Mrs. Stowe. One page, 4.5 x 6.75 inches in size, affixed along left margin to a larger sheet, 5.25 x 7.25 inches, displaying a facsimile engraved portrait of Stowe on verso. The original face of the mailing envelope, 4.5 x 3.5 inches, also penned by Stowe is postmarked April 13, 1894, from Hartford, Connecticut. The quote reads in full: "Not one throb of anguish, not one tear of the oppressed is forgotten by the Man of Sorrows the Lord of Glory. In His patient generous bosom He bears the anguish of a world. / Uncle Tom's Cabin / Chap 12 / Harriet Beecher Stowe / April 13 1894." The context of this particular quote in the story involves a river boat trip on which the slave trader Haley conducted Tom and other Kentucky slaves southward to be sold as plantation hands. At Louisville, Haley surreptitiously sold the baby of the newly traded slave woman, Lucy, when she briefly left in hopes of finding her husband at the wharf. Crushed, she committed suicide by jumping into the Ohio River that night. Tom was a witness to this. The passage immediately follows Lucy's suicide and Mrs. Stowe obviously intended it as a powerful intermediate statement. The acceptance of "Uncle Tom's Cabin" at face value by people in the North was a major factor in the development of the Civil War. The vintage items are in fine condition overall, the quotation page shows one horizontal mailing fold and light soiling. JG Autographs
Wanted Posters - "$100 Reward / Embezzlement" Earl W. C. Harnden
Original Wanted Poster, offering "$100 Reward" for "information resulting in arrest and detention of W. C. Harnden...wanted for Embezzlement...," posted by "Detective Clyde White, Department of Police, Detroit, Michigan, who holds warrant for his arrest or to any Branch Office of American Surety Co. of N.Y." Notation in red pencil states: "Settled July 1940." Verso bears printed list of American Surety Co. employees in varying national branches. From the collection of Police Chief Michael Webb (1950-2009). Webb joined the Vinita Park, Missouri police force in 1974 and served until his death in 2009, during which time he purchased crime artifacts from relatives of criminals and law officers. Boasting more than 8,000 wanted posters, pieces of Webb_Ñés collection have been featured in film and displayed at the National Crime and Punishment Museum in Washington. Measuring approximately 8.5 x 11, poster exhibits the expected toning, age wear, some tearing and surface wrinkling. JG Autographs
Civil War - General Order No. 145 - 1863 War-Date Document "Life in Prison"
American Civil War, authentic, original unsigned four page war-date General Orders No. 145. The order is dated May 26, 1863 from the War Department in Washington, D.C. The order details trials before a Military Commission, including a group of three Maryland citizens found guilty of treason and sentenced to death by hanging, as well as William Eliott, Company "G", 8th U.S. Infantry, sentenced to life in prison for the charge of attempted rape. The unsigned vintage document is signed in type at the conclusion by E.D. Townsend as Assistant Adjutant General and is in good condition, aside from two holes punched in the left margin. JG Autographs
Henry Perronet Briggs - 19th Cent. English Artitst - Autographed Letter (ALS)
Henry Perronet Briggs (1793 - 1844), English painter of portraits and historical scenes, authentic, vintage, handwritten, autographed letter (ALS) . In the letter Briggs declines and invitation to a fund raising dinner citing "he suffers too much from them." The signed letter, dated May 4, 1840, measuring approximately 4.5 x 7.25 inches is in excellent condition with only the expected mailing folds. It is tipped to a slightly larger sheet. JG Autographs
Eliphalet Remington - Prominent Rifle Designer - Autographed Vintage Check
Eliphalet Remington (October 28, 1793 - August 12, 1861), designer of the Remington rifle and founder of the Remington Arms Company, authentic, autographed vintage check, dated September 23, 1854. The check has been written in the amount of $15 and is signed by Remington in fountain pen. The signed check is in fine condition. JG Autographs
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