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Noda Bi'Yehuda - First Edition - Signature of Rabbi Meir Santa the
Noda Bi'Yehuda Responsa by Rabbi Yechezkel Ha'Levi Landau. First and second sections. Prague 1776. First edition of the Mahadura Kama, which was published by the author in his lifetime. In two places in the book, an ancient signature: "Meir Santi". Rabbi Meir Santa [Gross] (1765-1832) was one of the geniuses of his generation. After the death of his father-in-law Rabbi Chaim Toreno, in circa 1810, he replaced him as the rabbi of Nagykanizsa and served also as the head of the yeshiva there. The Chatam Sofer sent him a number of responsa, mentioned him in a number of responsa and called him a wonder worker and righteous person (see more about him: Ishim Be'Teshuvot Chatam Sofer, pp. 250). On the Forsazt leaf, a signature and stamp of Rabbi Shalom Eisen, one of the most prominent Poskim of Jerusalem during the 1840's. There are additional signatures and inscriptions. Throughout the book, five scholarly glosses two of them in script similar to that of Rabbi Meir Santa. Condition: Excellent. Complete, thick, nice leaves. Clean margins. Ancient half-leather binding with an engraving on the spine of "Noda Bi'Yehuda". Jerusalem of Gold Ltd.
Prayer at the Western Wall for the Victims of the Holocaust - 1945
Printed booklet by Agudat Yisrael of the Land of Israel. "Aliyah La'Regel ? Passover 1945". Gerstner printing press, Tel Aviv.The booklet contains passages from the Hallel and Pslams. At the end of the booklet, a special (ancient) prayer for the victims of the Holocaust.Important, interesting booklet. 6 pp.Condition: Fair-Good. Wear with no damage to text. Jerusalem of Gold Ltd.
"A Despicable Act has been done in Israel!" - Proclamation against
A proclamation against the members of the Lechi, who are called in the proclamation "Knufiyot Achimeir" (the gangs of Achimeir).The proclamation was published after members of the Lechi spilt acid on the face of Marianne Vollach, who had testified against them in court. The proclamation calls the Yishuv "to respond courageously ? until this faction of robbers shall be destroyed". The proclamation is signed by "those loyal to the Yishuv".This item is testimony of an especially interesting historical affair.Condition: Very Good. Jerusalem of Gold Ltd.
A legal document of the Ashkenazi Kolelot, signed by the British consul
A legal document of the Ashkenazi Kolelot, signed by the British Consul James Finn. A historical document about the building of the 'Hurva' synagogue in Jerusalem ? 1849 A legal document from 1849, between Rachel Amzaleg and the Ashkenazi Kolelot in Jerusalem. The document determines that all claims will be clarified according to "Judges of Israel". The document is signed by the British consul James Finn and the stamp of the British consulate. The story behind this ancient document is the building of the synagogue in the yard of the 'Hurva' in Jerusalem. For building the synagogue, the heads of the Prushim Kolel took, in 1849, from the Sephardi rich man, Yosef Amzaleg (the husband of Rachel, who is mentioned in the document), a huge loan of 3,000 Adumim Zahav, which are 150,000 Grush, for paying the old debts of the Kolel and preparing a financial infrastructure for the day the building of the synagogue will be enabled. The Prushim complied with all the requirements Amzaleg posed for receiving the loan, including mortgaging the yard of the 'Hurva' to ensure the payment of the loan and payment of 9 percent of annual interest ? 270 Adumim Zahav. The treasurers of the building of the synagogue succeeded in repaying the loan to the Amzaleg Family only towards the dedication of the synagogue in 1864. This historical document was published by the historian Pinchas Grayevsky in his booklet 'Zichronot Kdumim' (early memories), Jerusalem 1928, p. 5. The booklet published another ten important documents related to the issue. James Finn (1806-1872) was the British consul in Jerusalem during the 19th century. He helped Jews settle in the Land of Israel. He wrote about the Jews' history, was familiar with the Hebrew language and even published a book which describes in detail the situation of the Jewish settlement in Israel. His house in the 'Kerem Avraham' neighborhood in Jerusalem is still standing. 20X15 cm. Very good condition. Folding marks and a few stains. An extremely rare document! Jerusalem of Gold Ltd.
Letter Handwritten and Signed by the Rebbe Rabbi Ya'akov Elimelech
A letter written to Yosef Yuda Farkash, requesting that his relative Asher Shmuel Panet begiven work, if not for his merit then for the merit of his holy fathers. The Rebbe, Rabbi Ya'akov Elimelech Panet, author of "Zichron Ya'akov" served as the chief rabbi of Deyzh and was the fifth and last Rebbe of the Panet family, before World War II. He was murdered by the Nazis in 1943. 20.5x28 cm. Condition: Excellent. Folds. Jerusalem of Gold Ltd.
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