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2 tramp art boxes
ca. 1870-1900; each with fabric panels having brass mountings and supported on four paw feet, 11 ½"x 6"x 4 ½"- 5 1/8"; Horst Auctioneers
4 handwrought pie wheels
ca. 1790-1850; all with wooden handles: one with a copper wheel and a file-decorated handle, 6"x 1"; one with a beveled edge shaft and an iron wheel, 7 ?"x 1 ?"; one with a split shaft and iron wheel, 7 ?"x 1 ?"; one with an iron shaft, brass collar and crimped wheel, 7 ?"x 1 ?"; Horst Auctioneers
Large child's rocking horse
ca. 1870-90s; brown stuffed horse with leather saddle and harness, a blue felt blanket and a horse hair mane and tail all mounted on a red and yellow painted board and rocker frame, 60"x 37"x 20"; Horst Auctioneers
5 wrought iron utensils
ca. 1840-80; three wrought iron forks and two wrought iron spatulas, 11"-19"l, 2"-2 1/2"w; Horst Auctioneers
Perkins & House ?non-explosive? safety lamp
ca. 1870-90; air flow patented design hand lamp with mercury glass reflector and post bracket, 4?d, 11 1/2?h; Horst Auctioneers
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