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A collection of Anita Mui's poster ( 4 pcs ) ?????4?
A collection of Anita Mui's poster ( 4 pcs ) ?????4? Hong Kong Auctions Ltd
Music. Face to Face tape x 5 pcs Face to Face ? x 5
Face to Face tape x 5 pcs Face to Face ? x 5 Hong Kong Auctions Ltd
大師兄 Monkey-doggy
Rui Ge is an industrial and game designer based in Beijing who graduated with a Master's degree from the Academy of Arts and Design, Tsinghua University. He received an award from the world-renowned 'Red Dot' product design award, and exhibited his works during the "Design Week of Seoul". He values the happiness brought by good design and believes that design has the power to bring happiness to others. 我在北京生活了五年,北京的胡同始終是我對這個城市最難以忘懷的地方,那裏的紅磚和屋頂的瓦片無一不有其獨有魅力。對我來說,胡同是北京文化的象徵。在早上,你經常可以看到長者在胡同巷高唱京曲。在這次創作中,我把阿高設計成一個京劇角色「孫悟空」。孫悟空在中國有「美猴王」之稱,數百年來深受大小朋友喜愛。我參考六十年代的卡通電影《大鬧天宮》中孫悟空的服飾,為阿高設計新裝。相比起傳統的京劇服飾,孫悟空在《大鬧天宮》中的服飾保留傳統京劇的服裝特點,但又相對簡潔。藉著這隻阿高,我希望將中西文化交匯,同時向「西遊記」這部中國四大名著之一致敬。 Hong Kong Auctions Ltd
Shoes. ankle heel boots ??????
Vicini style Women ankle heel boots, size Eur37 ????, ???? 37 Hong Kong Auctions Ltd
Toys. Swing Me toy ??
" Swing Me " toy ?? Hong Kong Auctions Ltd
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