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Map of South Africa & Madagascar, c.1820
Interesting map, engraved & hand colored by Lizars. This shows Cape of Good Hope. This was very dangerous seas. Gold Rush travelers dared not stop there! Very nice condition. Slight fold down center of map,does not impede on reading of map. Vivid color. On Mat Board (not adhered) with plastic covers. If mats are shipped then additional shipping may apply 22.5" x 19". (Potter Collection) Date: 1820 Location: zSouth Africa HWAC# 59634 Holabird Western Americana
Biography Library
72 Volumes of biographies from all kinds of people, countries and time frames. Examples include "Ribbentrop" by Michael Bloch, "Shirley Temple: American Princess" by Anne Edwards, "The Land They Fought For; The Story of the South as the Confederacy" by Clifford Dowley, w/ dust jacket. "Wellington" by Elizabeth Longford, "Long Live The King; A Biography of Clark Gable" by Lyn Tornbene, and much more. City: State: Biography Date: Inventory# 39926 Holabird Western Americana
Atlantic Mail Steamship Co. Stock
Rare! Atlantic Mail Steamship consolidated with Pacific Mail Steamship Co. in 1865 and became the largest steamship company on the continent. I/U C Durock? 1871 32997 100 shares, signed by president. .25" top tear and several creases. Date: Location: HWAC# 64058 Holabird Western Americana
Fabulous set of Foreign Postal History all Sent to the Same Person (Tombstone
Nineteen total. All sort so interesting content on the envelope. "Arizzona Teritore', 'U. S. of North,' 'Virginia State' with handwritten 'try Va. City Nevada', one sent to 'Gold Hild nevada,' etc. There is an 1878 Stelacoom Wells Fargo agent signed postal card. Astoria, Oregon in 1878 also. Some envelopes are sent from the United States to Europe. One is postmarked Virginia City. 15c stamps. Queenstown, Cork, Cardiff, Gloucester stamps on reverse. One with a return address of 'Via Kansas City and Benson.' Foreign countries include Denmark, Italy, Mexico, England, etc. Wht a group! HWAC# 60278 Date: c1870's Location: Holabird Western Americana
Map of U.S. showing gold region in CA
Drawn and engraved map of the United States, the British Provinces and Mexico. The artist was J. M. Atwood, New York. Published by J. H. Colton, New York, the map shows routes of U.S. and a Mail Steam Packets to California and a detail of the gold region of California. Matted and framed?26.5" H x 32.5" W. City: State: United States Holabird Western Americana
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