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Heather James Fine Art is an American company with galleries in Palm Desert, California and Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The galleries offer exhibitions, lectures and guided tours of impressionist, modern and contemporary art. They also have two art consultancy agencies. While focusing on the latest and most cutting-edge pieces on the art scene, Heather James Fine Art have great respect for classical, antique masterpieces.

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The Earth Breathes

An abstract sculpture executed in hand made paper with gold plating by contemporary artist Yoshio Ikezaki. Yoshio Ikezaki was born in Kitakyushu City in 1953. He studied papermaking in Japan and then received a BA and an MFA from Florida State University. As an avid artist and teacher, his time is now divided between Los Angeles and Kitakyushu in southern Japan. In both cultures he teaches papermaking and brush painting, as well as philosophy and aesthetics classes at such places as Tama Art University in Tokyo, Southern California Institute of Architecture, UCLA Extension and the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. He has lectured at Cooper Union, Pratt Art Institute and the Parsons School of Design in New York, among others. Because of his fascination with dimensionality, Yoshio Ikezaki has also explored sculptural work. The heavily layered papers are colored with sumi ink and may also have a Buddhist inscription. He has also collaborated with Western artists, actors, and musicians doing stage design. Yoshio Ikezaki’s work joins East and West, modern and traditional in a completely unique fashion. They conjure up the literal, yet evoke the metaphysical as well. There is a poeticism and ethereal beauty embedded within each piece, creating in the viewer the sense of moving through the landscape of a human mind. Like the traditional Sumi-e painting, references to nature and mans relationship to nature are key. Ikezaki’s images are mysterious and evocative. This enigmatic quality is derived partly from the fact that Ikezaki mixes his own ink, including in it mineral particles that give the surface of the painting a slight iridescence. The result is a kinetic composition, lending the piece different dynamics as the viewer moves around it. The truly incredible thing about the way Ikezaki works is that he never physically paints with his hands. Having mastered his own “chi”(the Chinese word for the vital life source that exists within every one of us), Ikezaki uses that energy to move the ink across the paper.Read more

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Tilted Plates

An abstract acrylic on canvas painting in deep saturated colors of scarlet red, lime green, orange, yellow and midnight blue by Carl Morris. Born in Yorba Linda, Calif., in 1911, Carl Morris studied at the Chicago Art Institute, as well as in Vienna and Paris, before he became director of the Spokane Art Center in Washington and, eventually, the most important painter to establish himself in Oregon. From an aesthetic perspective, he fit in with the New York School painters was counted Mark Rothko and Robert Motherwell, as well as the Northwest School’s Mark Tobey, among his friends and colleagues. However, Morris took his inspiration from the transcendent power of nature and created work loaded with references to the mountains, land, and sky. The Heather James selection spans from the 1960s to the ’90s, showing how his abstracted landscapes and geological formations evolved. Like many Abstract Expressionists, Morris began his career making figurative paintings; he was interested in social realism in the Works Progress Administration (WPA) spirit. His figures became more abstract in the mid-1940s, when hints of cubism surfaced in his work. By the early 1950s, as evident in his Machine paintings and his depictions of the landscape outside his house, his work became fully abstract. Morris has been included in many exhibitions at the Metropolitan, Whitney, and Guggenheim museums in New York.Read more

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