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Natural Green Jade Kwan-yin Round Pendant Necklace
Measurements: Diameter 5.5cm (2.2"); Natural green jade kwan-yin pendant. Relief carving! Golden Oriental Auctioneers
Qing Dynasty Hetian White Jade Dragon Seal
Measurements: Height: 6cm (2.4") Width: 8cm* 8cm (3.2" 3.2"). Hetian jade is the most supreme jade among all old stones. It is very pure and rare. The craftsmanship requires a high level of skills in the old time. Carving at the bottom. Dragon is a symbol of emperor in the past - it was likely that this seal was used by a king in the past. Therefore, it is an extremely valuable addition to your collection!Hetian, located in the southwest of Xinjiang in Northwest China, is famous for its exquisite, pure white and flawless jade - Hetian jade. <br> Hetian jade has a history of more than 2,000 years, originating in the Spring and Autumn Period (770-476BC). In ancient times, Hetian jade was transported into the Central Plains in batches and then engraved into all kinds of exquisite sacrificial vessels and jade ornaments. Among the various Hetian jade, Yangzhi jade is considered the best of the white jade. <br> This region was so abundant in Hetian jade that people in the past could easily find it on the ground. But now people have to climb the snow-covered mountain peak to find some, for not much is left on ground after so many years of exploration. Golden Oriental Auctioneers
Old Chinese Character Calligraphy Ink and Color Fan Scroll Painting
Old Chinese Fan Scroll. Measurements: Entire scroll: 35.5cm*66cm (14IN*26IN) Fan size: 53cm*19cm (20.9IN*7.5IN); Artist: Tang Yun (1910 to 1993). Seal mark from the artist can be found on the fan. This fan is trimmed and mounted. We sell old paintings - You may find some marks of wear and tear on the painting. Golden Oriental Auctioneers
Qing Chinese Ink and Color Calligraphy Fan Scroll Painting Trimmed
Measurements: Entire scroll: 63.5cm*33cm(25In *13In );Painting Size: 51.6cm*18cm(20.3IN*7.1IN). This old painting is trimmed and mounted. You will find the signature and stamp mark from the artist on the scroll. Artist: Hong Jun 1839-1893 洪钧 (1839-1893) ; 清末外交家。字陶士,号文卿。江苏吴县(今苏州)人。同治年间中状元,任翰林院修撰。后出任湖北学政,主持陕西、山东乡试,并视学江西。1881年任内阁学士,官至兵部左侍郎。1889年至1892年任清廷驻俄、德、奥、荷兰四国大臣。 Golden Oriental Auctioneers
Sanxingdui Culture Old Jade Stone Amulet Animal Man Statue Chinese Antique #553
Measurements: 10cm*4.5cm (3.9in*1.8in). <br> <br> Sanxingdui 三星堆 jade man carving statue. A extremely rare collection in perfect condition. Golden Oriental Auctioneers
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