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Neolithic HongShan Culture Jade Animal Figure Pendant
Measurements: 4.3cm*3.3cm(1.7IN*1.3IN); The Hongshan culture 紅山文化; was a Neolithic culture in northeastern China. Hongshan sites have been found in an area stretching from Inner Mongolia to Liaoning, and dated from about 4700 to 2900 BC. Golden Oriental Auctioneers
Four Little Ducks Set Hetian White Nephrite Jade
Measurements (From left to right): Duck 1: Length: 5cm (2IN) Width: 4cm(1.6IN) Thickness: 2.5cm (1IN) ; Duck 2 (0.8IN) : Height: 6cm(2.4IN) Width: 4cm(1.6IN) Thickness: 2.5cm(1IN) ; Duck 3: Length: 7.5cm(3IN) Width: 3.5cm (1.4IN) Thickness: 2.5cm(1IN) ; Duck 4 Length: 6.5cm (2.6IN) Height: 5cm (2IN) Thickness: 2.5cm(1IN)Nephrite white jade duck set. Very detail carving. Rare brown skin which takes hundred of years to form. This items have fine texture and is highly translucent under a torch. The high level of purity makes this pendant very unique and attractive. This pendant has fine texture and the surface is very smooth. The craftsmanship and design are excellent. This pendant is 100% flawless. The sense of touch is cool. A beautiful addition to your collection! Golden Oriental Auctioneers
Tang Dynasty Kwan-yin on Lotus Statue White Stone Buddha
Measurements: Height 25cm (9.8"); Base 13cm*12cm (5.1" 4.7"); Tang dynasty white stone kwan-yin figure on lotus statue. Typical Tang dynasty kwan-yin carving as it has a "chubby face and calm facial expression. Broken arm and leg which was probably damaged during the archaeological discovery. Golden Oriental Auctioneers
Old Chinese Coin Chinese Antique Money China
Measurements: 3.7cm (1.5IN) Golden Oriental Auctioneers
Chinese Antique Turquoise Beads Necklace
Measurements: Length 41cm (16IN); Beautiful handmade Turquoise beads necklace. Golden Oriental Auctioneers
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