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Qing Natural Crystal Horse Carving Snuff Bottle Chinese Antique
Measurements: 4cm*6.5cm (1.6IN*2.6IN); Measurements: 4cm*7.5cm (1.6IN*3IN); Pure and natural old crystal. Transparent under light. Hand carved horse. The bottle comes with lid. Snuff bottles were used by the Chinese during the Qing Dynasty to contain powdered tobacco. Smoking tobacco was illegal during the Dynasty, but the use of snuff was as allowed because the Chinese considered snuff to be a remedy for common illnesses such as colds, headaches and stomach disorders. Therefore, snuff was carried in a small bottle like other medicines. The snuff bottle is comparable to the snuff box used by Europeans. <br> The size of a snuff bottle is small enough to fit inside the palm. Snuff bottles were made out of many different materials including porcelain, jade, wood, tortoiseshell and ceramic, etc. Decorative bottles were, and remain, time-consuming in their production and are thus desirable for today's collectors. Golden Oriental Auctioneers
Neolithic HongShan Culture Jade Hexagon Amulet Pendant
Measurements: Width: 4cm (1.6IN); The Hongshan culture 紅山文化; was a Neolithic culture in northeastern China. Hongshan sites have been found in an area stretching from Inner Mongolia to Liaoning, and dated from about 4700 to 2900 BC. Golden Oriental Auctioneers
Long Life Turtle White Jade Beads Bracelet
Measurements: Each bead: 1.5cm*0.5cm (0.6IN*0.2IN) String length: 16cm (6.3IN) (Adjustable); Nice carving of turtle beads. Turtle is a long-living animal and this bracelet means longevity. This jade is translucent under light. Cool sense of touch. Extremely smooth surface. A beautiful addition to your collection! Golden Oriental Auctioneers
Old Chinese Ink and Color Calligraphy Fan Scroll Painting Trimmed
Measurement: Entire scroll: 63.2cm*33.3cm (24.9" 13.1"); Fan area: 54.5cm*18.5cm (21.5" 7.3"). Artist: Ya Ming 亞明 (1924-). This fan scroll is trimmed and mounted. You will find the stamp and signature from the artist on the scroll. Golden Oriental Auctioneers
Old Chinese Character Calligraphy Scroll Painting
Measurements: Painting: 40.3cm * 30cm (16" 11.8") Whole scroll: 59.5cm * 46cm (23.5" 18"). The painting is trimmed and mounted. You will find the stamp and signature from the artist on the scroll. Theme of playing children - a symbol of happiness and prosperity. Golden Oriental Auctioneers
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