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The Cabinet Rooms combines the excitement and inspiration of dedicated selling events with the ease of online bidding. No matter if you you are a keen collector of contemporary design, or just want to find out more, The Cabinet Room connects the bidder with a worldwide network of specialist dealers. The house's auctions of highly collectable items and exciting new finds are a simple, economical and enjoyable experience for both sellers and buyers.

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The Wes Anderson Effect
Wes Anderson is the master of mise-en-scence. Each detail in his set design is as meticulously placed as if from the pages of an interior design magazine. Not one chair, texture, fabric or colour is selected without precision, creating an aesthetic that is as much a character as the actors. Inspired by Wes' visionary film-making, we have picked our favourite film sets, complete with how to get Anderson's kooky look.

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The Cabinet Rooms
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