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A rare and large Guangxu fish tank
This piece is very rare and scarce. The decorations on this fishbowl were carved with a needles and them painted over with black pigment. This work of art was meticulously crafted. The surface of this fish bowl depicts a scene between warring groups, with soldiers and cavalry. (光绪二十一年春定府有恒堂制) There are only 7 pieces in Beijing Museum with this type of marker. This piece is considered to be a national treasure. If you are interested, you are welcome to contact and we can arrange a meeting. Provenance: A European private collection. Height 17.8 in, Diameter 19.8 in 八九四年七月二十五曰清朝政府与曰本甲午战争爆发,清朝政府一失败告终,一八九五年四月一日,清朝政府与曰本签订丧权辱国的马关条约,割让台湾,从此中华民族进入了水深火热之中,光绪二十一年是一八九五年,这件瓷器甲午战争的见证 ,定府恒有堂制款瓷器, 北京故宫博务院共藏有七件,这件墨彩划花人物大缸,做工精细,是一件珍贵的国宝级文物本件瓷器来源于英国拍卖行. Dianya Antique Arts Investment Co.
A large 19th century Amethyst carved vase with cover
This piece was meticulously carved into the shape of flower blossoms and roses. This piece is very beautiful and features a unique style of openwork carving. This piece includes a matching wood stand. Height 9.2 in, Width 6.5 cm Dianya Antique Arts Investment Co.
A set of jade flower and pot
These pieces include a jade flower pot and a jade cabbage. Height of the flower pot 8 in, Another one 5 in Dianya Antique Arts Investment Co.
A pair of famille rose enameled porcelain vases
A famille rose covered jar very pretty, there are detailed drawing of flowers and birds. Height 6 in.vase is decorated with the Moon Lady. Height 8.5 in Dianya Antique Arts Investment Co.
A Qing Tongzhi period iron red jar and cover
This piece features a iron red glaze. There are designs of flowers and vines on jar and cover . There is a Tongzhi marker. Provenance: A British private collection. Bowl height 10 cm, Diameter 7.2 cm Dianya Antique Arts Investment Co.
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