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Dodge Factory Mallard Drake Pair of Dodge Factory Mallards. Drake, paint maybe original or a very old, very accurate copy of the original.Surface is lightly crazed with a few small scuffs or flakes to theunderlying primer or age darkened wood. Decoys Unlimited, Inc
1/4 Size Green Winged Teal Hen by Ben Schmidt, MI
673. Miniature green-winged teal hen by Ben Schmidt (1884-1968) of Centerline, MI. Carved and raised wingtips with delineated primaries. Stamped feather detail and fl uted tail feathers. Excellent original paint and condition. 800-950 Decoys Unlimited, Inc
Lot of 6 Flattie NJ Shorebirds
737. Set of six fl attie yellowlegs from New Jersey. From the hunting camp of Dr. Raymond Loibl of Brook Street, Barnegat, New Jersey and attributed to him. Five have what appears to be the original bills, three of which are wood and two are metal screws or bolts. One has a two piece body and fi ve have holes in the tail for stringing. Four have overall light to moderate gunning wear and one has slightly heavier wear. All fi ve have the complete or partial original sticks. In as found condition. There is an accompanying typed statement from the owner of the camp where they were found which describes the discovery of the birds in the attic of the camp. 600-900 Decoys Unlimited, Inc
Rare immature oldsquaw drake "classic" ca 1900 by
Rare immature oldsquaw drake "classic" ca 1900 by orlando Sylvestor "Os" Bibber (1882-1971) of South harpswell, Maine. See pages 32-36 in "The Great Book of Wildfowl Decoys" by Engers for photographs of Bibber mergansers and a rig mate of this very decoy. Decoys Unlimited, Inc
Black Duck by Clark Madera
Hollow black duck by Clark Madara of Pitman, New Jersey (b.1890-d. ca. 1954). Fine structural condition with only a slight separation at the neck seam and a small hole in the same area. Paint appears to be all original with light overall wear on body. Head shows slightly more wear with small rubs to wood over eye and at neck seam on right side as well as a scattering of smaller flakes. Decoys Unlimited, Inc
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