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Pair of Working Ruddy Ducks by Schensk 858. Pair
858. Pair of working ruddy ducks from the great lakes by Tom Schnesk c1970. Applied paddle tails. Original paint with light gunning wear and a few small rubs to wood. Both keels stamped "patented". 150-300 Decoys Unlimited, Inc
Mallard Drake by Jules Brouillet
Decorative mallard drake by James A. Bouillet. Head turned to the right with carved and crossed wingtips. Extensive carved or stamped feather detail with fl uted tail feathers and an applied tail curl. Overall excellent original paint and condition. Bottom has an informational folder stapled to the base and he decoy may be signed or numbered beneath this sheet. 400-600 Provenance: Robinson collection Decoys Unlimited, Inc
Early miniature mallard pair found on Martha's
Early miniature mallard pair found on Martha's vineyard. A standing drake and a resting hen by A E. Crowell, e. Harwich, Mass. In XOC. Nice blended feathering and a driftwood base. Drake and base have minor fly speck stains. base has been sanded whic Decoys Unlimited, Inc
Large size Canada goose by Joseph Lincoln. In a
Large size Canada goose by Joseph Lincoln. In a combination of mostly original paint and some very old, salty and worn gunning touchup. Most of the touchup is to the white areas. Original feathering on lower sides still readily visible. Large knot visible on left side. Flakes to wood on back with numerous small rubs to wood and/or primer on head, bill and tail. Most of lower breast and rump worn to old, raw wood. Only a small crack in bottom which is unusual for Lincoln's geese. Bottom has large "Bradford" brand. Decoys Unlimited, Inc
Small Red Knot from NJ
574. Red knot c 1900 in spring plumage from Massachusetts. Fitted with tack eyes and an unusual aluminum or white metal bill. Fine original paint shows great age. Decoys Unlimited, Inc
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