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Life Size Great Blue Heron by Dave Ward
515. Incredible life size hollow carved mature great blue heron by Connecticut's master craftsman David B. Ward. Mounted in an alert erect posture. Bird measuresapproximately 32 ¾" in a straight line from bill tip to tail tip. Head turned slightly to the left. Detailed bill carving. Truly an imposing pieceof sculpture by this talented carver. Striking paint patterns. Bottom stamped "DBW". Excellent all original paint and condition. Decoys Unlimited, Inc
Pair of Louisiana Teal Decoys
Pair of Louisiana teal decoys. Possibly Cinnamon teal. Original paint and condition with light wear. Decoys Unlimited, Inc
Stratford, Ct Black Duck Decoy
243C. Hollow black duck from the Stratford area of Connecticut. Carved very much in the style and manner of Ben Holmes (1853 - 1912). Hollowed from below with an applied5/8" bottom board. In thick gunning repaint with some underlying paint visible. Old repair to right base of neck under repaint. Decoys Unlimited, Inc
Miniature Mallard Drake by Stan Sparre
712. Miniature standing mallard drake by Stan Sparre. Head turned to the left. Raised wingtips with carved feather detail and tiny applied "tail curl". Typical "chipped" surface. Excellent original paint and condition. Signed on base. 300-500 Decoys Unlimited, Inc
Two Mini Geese by Herb Hancock
167. Lot of two miniature Canada Geese by the late Herbert Hancock of Chilmark, MV, MA. One in the upright and one in the sleeping pose. Both signed in ink on the bottom,"By Herb Hancock, Chilmark, MA". Original paint and condition. Decoys Unlimited, Inc
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