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Francis Orville Libby (American, 1883-1961)
DESCRIPTION: Francis Orville Libby (American, 1883-1961). Nocturne. Circa 1957. Oil on canvas. Signed, lower left. With label from the Portland Summer Art Festival in 1957 and various inscriptions, verso. Depicts a boat in the water at night. In a silver leaf and red wood frame. MEASUREMENTS: 30" x 25". Overall with frame 36" x 31". CONDITION: No defects noted. Cordier Auctions Appraisals
Tyrone, PA American Legionnaire's Shako
DESCRIPTION: Tyrone, PA American Legionnaire's ensemble including shako with feathers, two pairs of gloves, linen tie, three belts, one pair of shoulder straps, and a centennial book (1957). MEASUREMENTS: Shako: 16" tall with feather x 9" diameter. CONDITION: Minimal losses to feather. Minor damage to exterior banding at back. Minor tarnishing to brass elements. Apparent surface wear to leather on shako. Apparent stiffness to leather strap. Darkening to gloves, especially at finger tips. Cordier Auctions Appraisals
Continental School (19th Century)
DESCRIPTION: Continental School (19th Century). Oil on canvas. Depicts two men lighting a fire by a creek at the edge of a wood. Signed at lower left corner illegibly. In gold and wood frame. MEASUREMENTS: 21" x 13". Overall with frame 21-1/2" x 19-1/2". CONDITION: Toning and craquelure throughout surface of canvas. Edge wear to frame. Separation at corners of frame. Cordier Auctions Appraisals
2 Large Carved Wood Panels of Birds
DESCRIPTION: Two large handcarved wood panels in relief. One portraying a swan signed "H. Maher". The other a hawk signed "Helen Maher". In matching wood frames. Helen P. Maher Karstetter was raised in Williamstown, Pennsylvania and later resided in Dauphin until her death in 1998. A woman of varied and unusual talents, she not only excelled at wood carving (done in a fully equipped workshop at her home) but also at hunting, fishing, target shooting, snow mobile racing and carpentry to name a few. Her home in Dauphin is well known due to the large African animal scene in the front yard. MEASUREMENTS: Swan 27-3/4" x 22-5/8". Hawk 26-1/4" x 18-3/4". CONDITION: No defects noted. Cordier Auctions Appraisals
Russian Folk Art Cane USSR
DESCRIPTION: Folk art derby handle wood cane, probably made for export. Shaft of wood, possibly mahogany, with silver geometric inlaid decoration and "Made in USSR" below handle. Wire ferrule with later added rubber tip. MEASUREMENTS: 37". CONDITION: Light wear. Small loss to upper inlaid decoration. Cordier Auctions Appraisals
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